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10th Bias Attack in Port Richmond, Staten Island

10th Bias Attack in Port Richmond, Staten Island

Staten Island, New York August 1 2010According to the police reports, a 17-year-old Mexican boy was assaulted by two teenagers when he was returning after working at Manhattan restaurant at 2:30 in the morning. Authorities have said that this is the 10th biased case on the Staten Island.

Police have stated that these two teens robbed $10 from this Mexican boy and then beat him up after shouting anti-Mexican statements. The victim who suffered minor injuries was taken to Richmond University Medical Centre for treatment.

At the time of Spanish language mass at St. Mary of the Assumption in Port Richmond, Reverend Hernan Paredes requested the Mexican worshippers to be vociferous against racially inspired acts of violence.

He said that we should fearlessly condemn all wicked acts and be group of people organized well enough against crimes, as we are immigrants.

New York City police Department has strengthened their presence in the area because of the spike in racially inspired violence, besides deputing many Mexican born police officers to work together with the community.

One of the residents namely Emmanual Martinez expressed his view that people are terrified to even go out of their house with the fear of being attacked. Another resident
Jennifer Martinez felt that depressed and fearful because of the hatred.
In spite of additional police patrols, immigrant community leaders still worry about the upward trend of attacks.
Terry Troia of Project Hospitality feels that the latest attack is not only alarming as an act of  mere violence but the defiance shown towards a community which is making all efforts to build bridges and make a secure area. The last attack against a minor has set a new trend of attacks in this area.

Port Richmond resident Nick Estevez said that there are elements on both sides who are neither courteous nor play a civilized role in society causing difficulties to others

While no arrests have been made in the last attack, six people have been arrested until now in connection with three attacks out of a series of ten-hate crime since April.

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