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Arkady Frekhtman

Frekhtman & Associates win $550,000 jury verdict in a slip & fall case due to ice on a sidewalk

An elderly woman was walking home along a pedestrian sidewalk when she was caused to slip and fall due to an icy condition in front of a red brick building owned by an absentee landlord and rented by tenants.  She sustained a trimalleolar fracture of her ankle which required surgery in the form of open reduction internal fixaton (ORIF). State Farm insurance company was the homeowner’s insurane carrier for the building in question.  Prior to trial, State Farm took a no pay position on this case. During trial, they offered $25,000 due to difficult liability. The trial lawyers at Frekhtman & Associates hired a weather expert, an engineer, and other experts for trial. They prepared steadfastly and received a 100% liability verdict in Queens Civil Court against the landlord for failing to throw down salt, clean the ice, or otherwise take any action.  Weather records showed that at least 2-3 days passed from the last time it snowed in that area.  Following the liability verdict, a damages trial ensued where an orthopedic medical doctor testified about the injuries plaintiff sustained including her diagnosis and future prognosis. After completion of the damages trial, the plaintiff was awarded a total sum of $550,000.00.

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