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Rape or assault victims require an experienced and knowledgeable sexual assault lawyer who is also sensitive to his/her client’s special needs. Generally sexual assault cases involve negligent security. A broken lock which tenants complained about for months but management failed to repair can be the cause of a sexual assault by an intruder. Some buildings have security officers who are supposed to patrol but often it is just one person who is away from his desk or asleep. Closed circuit televisions and security cameras are not usually utilized in the most dangerous areas and often tend not to work properly for a variety of reasons.

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Residential and Commercial Building owners and managers have a legal responsibility and liability to provide a reasonably secure environment for people who live in or visit their premises. Schools also share the same responsibility for their teachers and students.

In some cases, sexual assaults may possibly occur by trusted individuals in positions of authority such as doctors, nurses, home attendants, staff at nursing homes or Special Education facilities, teachers, religious figures such as priests, and or employers.

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