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ACS Workers Arraigned In Million-Dollar Fraud Scheme

ACS Workers Arraigned In Million-Dollar Fraud Scheme

Three Child care/service worker and two non-profit workers were charged Wednesday afternoon for allegedly stealing $1.5 million which was intended for needy and most vulnerable kids. They have reportedly spent the money on purchasing fancy cars including $85,000 BMW, and a 2006 Range Rover. Another $30,000 was used to pay for a rent in a doorman building apartment.

The Manhattan Federal Court has filed charges against Duncan and Nigel Osarenkhoe, two high-ranking financial employees in the Administration for Children’s Services. The two other alleged schemers include Stay Thompson and Philbert Gorrick who worked with a non-profit foster care organization Concord Family Services in Brooklyn.

The Manhattan U.S Attorney Michael Garcia said “They stole from the scarce resources available for adoptive and foster families. Because of the ACS payment system lacked adequate safeguards it was all too easy for them to do this.” The Manhattan Attorney also said that “The accused were driven by greed and placed their own selfish interests above the well-being of the children which are served by ACS.”

The accused face several charges including mail fraud conspiracy, embezzlement conspiracy, and money laundering.

These arrests proved as another major blow for the ACS. These charges were leveled a day after Judith Leekin, was sentenced to 11 Years in adoption scam where kids were starved, handcuffed to crib rails and were beaten with irons.

The Department of Investigation commissioner, Rose Gill Hearn said “ACS needs to immediately fix how it doles out money that’s supposed to aid foster parents in caring for orphaned, abused and neglected kids.”

The investigation commissioner has also suggested an overhaul in the cash disbursements and payment services unit of the ACS.

The investigators have also arrested ACS clerk Darly Estinval, who has reportedly stole 22 checks in the past three years and passed them to his accomplices who created several counterfeit checks worth $2.7 million.

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