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Biker shot in head in Queens, NY

Biker shot in head in Queens, NY

Queens, New York – July 25th 2010 – Police and eyewitnesses claim that a 41-year-old John Giampetruzzi was shot dead by a gunman on the footpath of 28th St. near Ditmars Building in Queens on Saturday at around five in the morning. According to the police, the victim had a history of previous conviction and was associated with Hells Angels.

56-year old Phillip Graham saw his body was lying on the footpath embedded with bullets. Neighbors who were eyewitness to this say that the gunman who is still not found came close to the victim, fired several gunshots at his face, and fled away. Sources state, Giampetruzzi was arrested several times for burglaries and drug related acts and was punished for second-degree murder in the year 1989. Hell Angel’s attorney Ron Kurby claimed that this criminal was not associated with any motorcycle gang.

Many residents of Astoria block were upset to see such an incident happen in their area.
54-year old Margarita Diakakos claimed that such a violent incident has taken place for the first time in her 30 years of living, which is very frightening.

This incident was one among the several unconnected killings that have taken place within a period of seven hours starting from Friday night.
At around 10:40 p.m. on Friday, police found a corpse of a woman in the street of Albans Queens that had ligature marks indicative of her writs and arms being tied up. The medical examiner termed her death as murder caused by internal bleeding.
Police said that the deceased woman had been tattooed on her lower right arm and left side of the chest.

Police said that at around 2:15 a.m., in the same area, a 41-year-old man Mexican immigrant was hounded by two men named Juan Paucar and Brandon Perez from La Nortena on Roosevelt Ave. in Corona till Cortes and was beaten to death by a belt and chain. They were charged for homicide and possession of a weapon

Police said that a 20-year old man and his 18-year-old girl friend were assaulted by a mad man brandishing a knife who emerged out of a black Lincoln Town Car in front of the Forest House at Morrisania, Bronx. While the man suffered an injury in the stomach but his girl friend died at Lincoln Hospital. No arrests have been made so far.


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