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Brooklyn Truck Accident Attorney Discusses Alleged Distracted Driving And $120 Million Suit

A fatal semi truck accident has resulted in the filing of a $120 million wrongful death lawsuit explains a Brooklyn truck accident attorney at the F&A injury law firm. The suit alleges that distracted driving is to blame. The crash happened about nine miles west of Odessa, Texas, at about 11 a.m. on December 22,…

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Bronx Ceiling Collapse Accident Lawyers Discuss Landlord Liability for Ceiling Collapses

Far too often, New York City landlords ignore apartment tenants’ complaints about critically needed repairs explains Arkady Frekhtman, one of the Bronx ceiling collapse accident lawyers at the F&A injury law firm. Besides failing to address major plumbing problems, landlords also postpone repairing leaky ceilings and those with loose tiles. Tenants are even ignored when…

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Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Upper East Side Pedestrian Accident

According to NBC 4 News, a 2004 Freightliner box truck struck a pedestrian on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Friday, February 24 explains a Bronx truck accident lawyer at the F&A injury law firm located at the corner of Villa Avenue and the Grand Concourse in the Bedford Park section of the Bronx, NY. Early…

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Recovering After A Motorcycle Accident ? Watch for These Hidden Injuries

During a motorcycle accident, you may sustain injuries that are easily observed such as “road rash”. However, many riders suffer injuries which are not easily identified without an extensive medical examination, such as spinal injuries or traumatic brain injuries. It could be that you are unknowingly suffering from either or both of these two “hidden”…

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Fire Accident Attorney Discusses Smoke Inhalation as a Cause of Serious Injury or Death in Industrial and Home Fires

When most of us are told that someone was injured in a fire, we often think about the terrible burns they may have been suffered explains NYC industrial fire accident attorney at the F&A Injury Law Firm in Manhattan. However, the main cause of death in most fires is smoke inhalation. In fact, somewhere between…

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Snow and Ice Injuries After Last Week’s NYC Storm From Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

While some city dwellers worry about sliding into other cars when sheets of ice cover the streets, others can’t decide if they should leave their windshield wipers pointed up or down when parking their cars between snow storm flurries. However, most New Yorkers know that the most common safety threat is falling on a snow-covered…

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New York Brain Injury Lawyer Discusses the NFL Concussion Settlement

The National Football League (NFL) has settled concussion and head injury lawsuits filed by players explains a New York brain injury lawyer at the F&A injury law firm in Manhattan. Back in December of 2016, the U. S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal stemming from the 2015 class-action settlement agreement between the NFL…

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Work Accident Lawyers Describe Four Warehouse Dangers

Warehouses are large buildings that store “things” such as raw materials, machine or device components, and finished goods for distribution to retailers. They often become busy and even frenetic places during peak demand periods of the year. This places a lot of pressure on their workers to move product rapidly explains one of New York…

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Types of Truck Accidents

An accident involving a truck can be very scary. The car will end up with the most damage and an injury can be severe and even fatal. Often there is negligence from the truck company owner or driver. In a case like this you will need an experienced truck accident attorney in New York City….

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It May Be the Only Option: Spinal Fusion Surgery After A Truck Or Car Accident

The Mayo Clinic likens the rubbery cushions or discs found between back vertebrae to jelly donuts, in that they encase a soft center in a tougher exterior. When the tougher exterior tears, some of the softer material may push out of the disc. These herniated discs are also sometimes called ruptured discs or slipped discs…

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