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Bronx Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Examine How a Jury Views a Cyclist’s Injuries After A Crash

Bronx Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Examine How a Jury Views a Cyclist’s Injuries After A Crash

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When you first get hurt in a motorcycle accident, there is an urgent need to focus on healing explains one of the Bronx motorcycle accident lawyers at the F&A injury law firm. Recovering from serious injuries could mean spending time in the hospital and/or a rehabilitation facility. For example, someone with a shattered femur could undergo multiple surgeries to repair the damage. He could have permanent hardware in the leg and a lifetime of arthritis because the bones will only heal to a certain extent. His leg might also experience a lifetime of numbness and/or nerve damage in affected areas. If this is your situation, don’t assume that your obvious injury is easy to document and provides your lawyer with a slam-dunk case. Because you had high medical bills, you might also believe that the insurance company will rush to offer you a decent settlement. While that does sometimes happen, it isn’t the norm.

Beware the Numbers Game

If you are a motorcycle accident victim with permanent injuries, we feel your pain. Your life will never be the same and you should seek damages through the courts. Bear in mind that many factors play into whether the defendant’s company will offer a settlement. At a minimum, they will do an analysis of your claim and calculate the odds of losing at trial. If they believe they have a strong defense, namely, a way of showing the at-fault party wasn’t negligent, they may risk going to trial. Hiring an attorney is your best bet for protecting your financial interests and dealing with the defendant’s insurance company. However, this process can be slow, and your attorney can spend thousands of dollars trying to build your case, collecting medical testimony and evidence, and organizing it for trial. Long after you have selected appropriate legal representation and completed all treatments related to the crash, your case may still continue.

Be Prepared for an Element of Drama in Court

It could be that you want to go to the trial and testify in front of the jury about how the motorcycle accident affected your life. No doubt, you experienced pain and suffering and have many medical bills for which you seek reimbursement. However, your attorney must consider how the jury will react to the revelation of medical evidence. There may be large graphic photos of your injuries that will be shown, but you may not be present. You might testify at some point, but your attorney shouldn’t let you spend too much time in the court, which could allow jury members to get used to your injuries. What’s more, a discussion of how the accident caused you pain and suffering, including losing the ability to have sexual relations or to walk because you’re in a wheelchair, would embarrass you. A talented civil trial attorney relies more on testimony from medical providers and family members for convincing the jury of your mental anguish. There are many worries you have now, especially about your uncertain future, that weren’t present before the accident.

We understand that you want to find relief from the far-reaching effects of a motorcycle crash. You didn’t bargain for any of this, and you may have Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist benefits from which you could also seek a recovery. You were just minding your business on the road when the at-fault driver’s carelessness altered your healthy body forever. For many clients, the best-case scenario is to negotiate a substantial settlement on their behalf, an amount that pays off most or all medical bills and includes some compensation for pain and suffering. While we will try to make a claim for each client, we cannot promise you any result. For a free evaluation of your case, please contact us today.

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