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11-year-old boy killed by speeding car in Brooklyn, New York

An 11-year old boy died after getting hit by a speeding car. The boy named Rondell Grant was attending a family barbeque while he got hit in front of his relatives who were present at the spot. He was rushed to the Kings County Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The impact - captured by a neighbor's surveillance camera shows Rondell getting hit by the car, and then flying through the air and crashing against a parked scooter. Police were able to trace the driver, 19-year-old Naquan Mandry, who was arrested later. He was charged with leaving the scene of an...

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Seven Injured in Staten Island, New York Car Accident Pile-Up

A minivan resulted in car accident pile-up which left seven injured on Staten Island, New York Thursday night. The victims include a young pedestrian who has received serious injuries in the accident. He was taken to Staten University Hospital, NY along with six others which includes driver of the minivan. Police are probing whether the driver was drunk and might have been driving under influence (DUI). No charges have been filed so far against the driver....

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Construction Worker from Queens, New York died in Accident

A construction worker from Queens, New York was killed on Tuesday when a truck struck a cherry picker he was on which resulted in his fall from 50 feet to the pavement below. Witnesses say one of the two workers on the lift fell close to three stories to the ground. The severely bleeding victim was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital Center. It is reported that the end of the crane got hit by the truck which resulted in the death of construction worker. Two other construction workers were saved by the safety harness, but an eye witness reported that victim wasn't even wearing...

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Manhattan Building : Two Died after Escaping Two-Alarm Fire

A father and son died in two-alarm fire in Hamilton Heights on Tuesday night. The fire started on the fifth floor of the building around 8:40 p.m. Tuesday, at 611 West 148th Street. This building has six floors. According to officers a 45 year old man and his son jumped from the fifth floor of building where they lived, causing the man to die instantly. The boy had cardiac arrest and was rushed to Presbyterian Hospital, where he died within an hour. Two firemen and six other residents got minor burn injuries. The cause of the fire is still investigating by the officials. Residents of...

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Brooklyn Pastor’s Grandson Becomes Third Dead From Car Crash

The Brooklyn Pastor’s Grandson died after receiving serious injuries during a car accident. The hospital authorities in Pennsylvania told that D.J. Wright, 14, died from his serious injuries. He was the grandson of Brooklyn Pastor Timothy Wright. State Police of Pennsylvania told that their car was struck by a driver who was going the wrong way. Among those killed in the crash includes Mr.Wright’s wife, co-pastor Betty and their grandson. The driver of the other car, 44-year-old John Pick also died in this car accident. Timothy Wright, 61, was critically injured in the car accident, and remained in critical but stable condition after...

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Bronx man sentenced for Drunk Driving Death of 3-year-old

A Bronx, New York man was sentenced to 5-15 years in prison. He was sentenced on Monday for drunken driving accident which killed a three-year old boy. The accused Freddy Rodriguez, 58, was drunk and driving a truck through a red light in Mount Eden, located at Bronx, New York. He hit three people including a three-year old Saquann Williams who was crushed to death. His mother and another pedestrian were seriously injured in the accident. The third pedestrian, Giselle Buie, suffered severe brain injuries. The truck that Rodriguez was driving also slammed into several occupied vehicles before coming to a...

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