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Personal Injuries

Brooklyn Girl beaten by Mother’s Boyfriend Dies

A three-year old Brooklyn girl who was beaten by her mother’s boyfriend died on Wednesday. Eleacha Oliver Ragoo breathed her last at East Flatbush’s Brookdale Hospital, and was on life support since June 21. The little girl was admitted to hospital after her mother’s boyfriend threw her around violently. She had received a fractured skull, broken ribs, and a spinal injury as the result of assault. Read June 27th News at: Anthony Merritt has been charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. However serious charges will be leveled against him since the girl has died in...

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Pit Bull Attack On S.I. Man: Dog Owner Charged With Assault

According to Police, McNair's dogs attacked Henry Piotrowski, right outside his home on John Street in Port Richmond on July 1 ,2008. Piotrowski is being hospitalized and is in critical condition after having one of his legs amputated. He could have been even more serious if hi neighbor had not heard the attack who then using a knife chased the dogs away, but this was not before the dogs had severely injured Piotrowski. Local residents said the dogs' owner should be held responsible. According to McNair's friend, Anthony Mahoney, feels the dogs, must have been provoked causing them to attack like they did. The...

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Several Injured as Fire Sweeps Brooklyn, New York Home

More than a dozen people were injured, one of them critically, in an apartment fire which engulfed a Brooklyn home on Tuesday. Firefighters managed to rescue six people, and two small children from a second-floor apartment, according to fire officials and witnesses. The fire broke out around 2 a.m at the corner of Newkirk and Ocean Avenues in Flatbush. Eight members of one family have been admitted to hospital. Dozens of residents were able to get out of Ocean Avenue Building. One person escaped by jumping out of a window. Three firefighters received minor burn injuries said Jim Long, a Fire Department spokesman....

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Elderly Man wounded in Dog Attack in Staten Island, New York

A 90-year-old man who is a resident of Staten Island was admitted to hospital after being mauled by 2 pit bulls on Staten Island. The victim, Henry S. Piotrowski, 90, was attacked about 11 a.m, while he was sitting outside his home at 94 John Street in Port Richmond. He was viciously attacked by two young pit bulls and sustained severe wounds to his arms an legs. He was immediately rushed to the Richmond University Medical Center where his condition is said to be critical. He has sustained serious personal injuries as the result of this attack. The neighbor, Reginald Bell, came...

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Bronx man sentenced for Drunk Driving Death of 3-year-old

A Bronx, New York man was sentenced to 5-15 years in prison. He was sentenced on Monday for drunken driving accident which killed a three-year old boy. The accused Freddy Rodriguez, 58, was drunk and driving a truck through a red light in Mount Eden, located at Bronx, New York. He hit three people including a three-year old Saquann Williams who was crushed to death. His mother and another pedestrian were seriously injured in the accident. The third pedestrian, Giselle Buie, suffered severe brain injuries. The truck that Rodriguez was driving also slammed into several occupied vehicles before coming to a...

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International Manhunt for Serbian Athlete who viciously beat Brooklyn College Student

An international manhunt is on for a hulking Serbian athlete who viciously beat a Brooklyn college student and fled the country - possibly with his government's help, authorities said. Federal agents have initiated international manhunt for a hulking Serbian athlete Miladin Kovacevic 20, who viciously beat a Brooklyn college student and fled the U.S. A Serbian official is believed to have bailed him out for $100,000, and used an emergency passport to help him leave the country. This incident has prompted the State Department to issue a separate probe. Miladin Kovacevic, who is 6-foot-9, and 280-pound basketball player assaulted a Binghamton University student...

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Woman stabbed by Cyclist in Queens


Police is searching for a man who stabbed a 37-year-old woman in Queens. The victim was walking along with her teenage daughter when she was attacked on June 22. Investigators told that attack happened just before 10 a.m. on Sunday morning at the intersection of 22nd Street Long Island City and Queens Plaza North. Investigators reported that the woman was walking with her 13-year-old daughter when a man rode up on a bicycle, and stabbed her in the chest, and then took off. The victim is in critical condition and was taken to Cornell Hospital. Her daughter was not hurt in the attack....

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Closing Arguments Today In Columbia Torture Trial

Attorneys are expected to wrap up their legal cases today in the trial of Robert Williams who was charged with torturing and raping a graduate student from Columbia University, New York. William was slapped with 71 counts including kidnapping, burglary, arson and sexual assault. Prosecutors told that he repeatedly sodomized and raped the 24-year old graduate student during a 19 hour ordeal in April, 2007. Williams did not attend court on the first day when victim testified, and refused to appear before court after the lunch break on the second day. He will face life imprisonment if convicted....

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1 Dead, 4 Injured in a Bus Accident near Chinatown, New York

Bus Accident lawyer new york

One person got killed and 3 were injured in a bus accident near Chinatown, New York. The Fung Wah bus jumped a curb and hit a bank this morning. This accident took place just before 8 this morning at the intersection of the Canal Street and Bowery. One person was taken to a local hospital who had suffered serious injuries. Some published reports say that a stationed dump truck rear-ended the Fung Wah bus, thus forcing it into the bank. This is the 5th pedestrian accident in the past 4 days alone within New York region. If you need a bus accident attorney, please...

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