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Arkady Frekhtman

Category: Trip & Fall Accidents

Trip & Fall Accident Attorneys Discuss Defective Sidewalk Hazards

February 7, 2017 Frekhtman & Associates

Is it possible for an athlete who engages in extreme sports such as rock climbing or extreme mountain biking to sustain broken bones from a sidewalk accident? While this seems improbable, it can happen because of the person’s expectations says Arkady Frekhtman, one of the trip & fall accident attorneys …

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New York Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Discusses Preventing Stairway Accidents

October 28, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

Preventing New York Stairway Accidents Each year, far too many Americans suffer serious and sometimes fatal stairway accidents at work and at home says a New York slip & fall accident lawyer at the F&A injury law firm. In fact, one Pediatrics medical journal study reported that close to 100,000 …

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7 Steps You Need To Take After a Slip & Fall Accident

July 25, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

Many people believe slip and fall accidents only happen to older folks. But the truth is that everyone is likely to suffer a fall at some point in their lives. Chances are it won’t be their fault, either. In the event that a person is injured on someone else’s property …

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Defective sidewalk accident attorneys will assist you after a serious trip and fall

July 8, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

Sidewalks should provide people with a safe way to walk around the city, giving them a space separate from vehicular traffic. However, a defective sidewalk can become, in and of itself, a source of serious injuries explains a lawyer from the F&A injury law firm, defective sidewalk accident attorneys specializing …

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How A Trip And Fall Accident Lawyer Could Work For You

February 12, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

Trip and fall accidents are indeed an unfortunate event. If you endured a serious personal injury due to a trip and fall, you now have the additional stress of accruing medical bills. You may be considering hiring a trip and fall accident lawyer and this may prove to be an excellent …

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This winter, a trip and fall accident lawyer can help you cope with your injuries

January 28, 2016 Frekhtman & Associates

This past weekend the Northeast was hit by winter storm Jonas which brought intensely cold weather and record snowfall. Among the various dangers of winter weather worth noting is the risk of slipping on icy surfaces and loose snow. Slipping and falling can result in a number of serious injuries. …

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