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Man crushed to death in New York office building's Trash compactor

Man crushed to death in New York office building's Trash compactor

(NEW YORK, N.Y – July 25th, 2010) – John Adams, 67 years a maintenance man was crushed to death after falling into a trash compactor in the famous western New York office building. According to police officials, nobody realized this for several weeks and kept searching for him. His family members and authorities reported a missing case in the police station. They even offered a reward of $1500 for any information about him. After several weeks, through the surveillance camera, it was discovered that he had tripped and fallen into the compactor and the mechanism “prevented him from being able to escape and made it impossible for co-workers or others to realize what had occurred,” Niagara Falls, N.Y. police stated in a release.

Even his co-workers did not know about this incident. This incident took place on the 4th of July when Adams was picking the garbage from one of the buildings at Niagara. The building owners and his family members were clueless about his whereabouts. His Sister Evie Shepherd questioned the police as to why they had seen the videotapes nearly after three weeks of the incident. For this, the police replied that they had reviewed the video earlier but could not get conclusive evidence. Since the initial police search had not found any definite evidence of Adams’ remains, the building president Tony Farina did not review the video until Friday night.

( New York, NY 2010-07-25 ) Farina expressed his condolence to John’s family and said that he never expected things would end so terribly. The building is situated close to the New York foot of the Rainbow Bridge that connects U.S. and Canada downstream from Niagara Falls.

John had been working there for nearly five years and he slipped inside the compactor while trying to get back a fallen trash bin. Adams is now survived by five grown children and was known to always lookout for odd jobs.

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