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Bart Auerbachy

Excellent work. Top car accident lawyers in the NYC area. As a client I felt...

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Robert Wiltson

I hire Frekhtman & Associates firm. This firm welcomes you with a positive and friendly...

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Algar Smith

I consulted Frekhtman & Associates for my personal injury case in the last month, Arkady...

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Liliya Zatirka

I had an accident in Manhattan where I slipped and fell due to the negligence...

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Saodat Nasirova

After I slipped and fell in Queens I found Frekhtman & Associates online. I could...

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Amanda Gonzalez

I was struck by a car in Brooklyn and I found Frekhtman & Associates online....

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Shine G.

Honest People, big big winners. but if you need some of you lawsuit settlement money,...

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Andrew Dwayne

Honestly, Frekhtman & Associates are the highly experienced law firm in New York. 2 Months...

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Andrew D.

2 months ago, my car collided with a commercial bus and i was seriously injured....

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