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A spinal injury can occur following almost any type of accident. Typical accidents leading to spinal injuries include auto accidents, slip and falls, and construction accidents. According to the Mayo Clinic, if a patient’s spine pain and symptoms are caused by shifting between segments of their vertebrae, spinal fusion surgery may alleviate their problem.

Spinal fusion is a procedure where two or more vertebrae are fused together surgically. Usually patients obtain medical care in a step by step manner starting with physical therapy which the least intrusive treatment and moving to more aggressive treatments if their current medical care is not helping them.

If you have a serious back injury and require spinal fusion or other spine surgery, contact the experienced trial lawyers at Frekhtman & Associates. Whether it was a car accident, trip and fall, ceiling collapse, or any other accident, our law firm prepares spinal surgery cases for trial and obtains excellent settlements and verdicts in such matters. Call us for a free consultation (866) ATTY – LAW.

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