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Wrongful Death

New York Wrongful Death Attorney

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Frekhtman & Associates handles wrongful death cases with compassion and zealous advocacy on behalf of our New York clients.

Wrongful death lawsuits involve those accidents or mishaps which cause the death of an individual. As one can reckon, wrongful death can take place due to a variety of accidents: motor vehicle, construction, medical negligence, and many others.

New York wrongful death law

As per the New York law, the distributees or relatives that the deceased leaves behind after his or her death are entitled to bring a wrongful death claim which consists of the following categories of damages to which they may be entitled:

  • Loss of fair expectancy of future support or voluntary assistance
  • Loss of assistance in the home
  • Loss of parental or grandparental care, guidance, support
  • Loss of probable inheritance
  • Reasonable funeral expenditures paid by distributee
  • Reasonable medical costs borne on behalf of the decedent


How does wrongful death work in New York?

In various cases wrongful death can be one among many causes of action pled in a lawsuit.

For example, an auto accident victim may claim damages for conscious pain and suffering from the date of accident for a number of weeks or months until their death; and afterwards the decedent’s beneficiaries could sue for wrongful death. Broadly the same is often true in law suits involving medical malpractice.

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