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Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claim Attorney

Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claim Attorney

Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claim Lawyers – Frekhtman & Associates represent victims of Hurricane Sandy Damage. If your insurance claim has been wrongly denied then do call us at (855) SANDY 911.

On October 29th, 2012, super storm Sandy ripped across the East Coast of the United States leaving in her aftermath up to $50 billion in damages. These damages include flooding, loss of property, damage to property, business interruption, power outages, and other destruction brought on by Hurricane Sandy.

If this super storm has caused serious damage to you, your family, or loved ones, there are important issues to consider and vital questions that you need answered. As the East Coast including New York and New Jersey begin to rebuild, hurricane damage claims will be submitted to the insurance companies. Property owners want a full and fair settlement of their claims. They seek to recover enough to rebuild and put them in the same place they were before this storm hit. Insurance companies will be overwhelmed with claims.


Don’t assume your insurance company will send a shiny brightly colored van to your house to look over every nook and cranny and find out what happened to you. The commercials they put out after the storm and paid a lot of money for are nice and help them keep or save their public image but insurance companies are a for profit business. Their own interests and financial well being are the number one priority. Collecting premiums is of utmost importance in times of normalcy when nothing is happening. Most insurance companies will immediately cancel a policy if a payment is not timely made. Yet, when it comes time for the insurance company to make a payment on a claim, they are not so quick to pay out.

It is therefore crucial to report your claim in a timely and detailed manner. Let the insurance company know exactly what happened to you, what was damaged, and how the storm had affected you. Take notes and photos. Sending a letter or email is fine if phones are non functional.

When asked to explain the full extent of the damage, it is important to couch your statement as follows:

“The Hurricane Damage is …… as far as I can tell. But I am not a construction or architectural professional. I have no way of knowing the full extent of damage caused by Super Storm Sandy.”
You never want to underestimate the damage. Do not guess as to what the damage may be. Locking yourself in to a limited list of damages may prevent you from recovering more should you learn of new problems such as a structural problem with your house that needs to be repaired.


Consulting with an experienced insurance coverage attorney is probably one of the best ways to ascertain if a specific type of damage is covered by your policy. Insurance policies often have many exclusions listing events that are not covered. One of the best examples is floods or storm surges which are considered to be floods. These are usually not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy and special flood insurance is needed.

Some policies afford coverage for additional living expenses or loss of use. If you have temporarily been displaced from your home, some policies will cover hotel and additional living expenses such as restaurants or food. Some insurance policies may coverage debris removal and other clean up costs.

If a house has been severely damaged and needs to be rebuilt, insurance policies that cover replacement cost will pay for you to rebuild. But the difference between what a good construction company or builder needs in order to rebuild versus what an insurance company is willing to pay may be vast. This is all part of the battle homeowners may face and having an attorney in your corner may benefit the homeowner because insurance companies will definitely be using attorneys to support their delayed or denied benefit pay outs.


As per the Katrina litigation, we learned that storm surge, overflowing lakes, creeks, rivers, and ponds, seeping or pooling water are the kinds of water damage that are flooding and excluded from standard homeowners insurance policies.


Insurance companies may charge more for a Hurricane related damage. By the time Super Storm Sandy made landfall it was no longer classified as a Hurricane. Therefore experienced Hurricane damage lawyers can help lower or eliminate this deductible.


Insurance companies are legally prohibited from refusing to pay a claim based on an arbitrary reason. This is called bad faith practice and can result in a lawsuit against the insurance company.

If your insurance has been denied, you can call Hurricane Sandy Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers at (855) SANDY 911.


The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy will leave homeowners will mold conditions in their homes. Will insurance cover the cost to remediate this problem ? An experienced insurance coverage lawyer can help.

Contact Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claim Lawyers for a free consultation. Our firm accepts Super Storm Sandy cases on contingency meaning there is no up front cost of any kind and our legal fee is a percentage of the amount we win for you. Call Superstorm Sandy Litigation Lawyers at (855) SANDY 911 or (212) 766 5656.

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