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Violence at Bronx Intersection Claims 2 Lives

Violence at Bronx Intersection Claims 2 Lives

Bronx, New York – July 28th 2010 – The police stated that an unexpected wave of violence at the junction of Jackson Ave. and E. 166th St. in the Bronx has taken the lives of two people in three days.

An 18-year-old high school senior and a 33-year-old ex-convict were the two victims who were killed within a feet of each other in Morrisania.

A resident named Eric Rosario who was standing at the memorial of student Troynisha Harris said that it is maddening to see such crimes happening near someone’s memorial.

This incident happened on a Saturday morning when Harris was sitting with her boyfriend in a stoop when a mad man suddenly jumped out of a black Lincoln Town Car and assaulted them with a knife. Police stated that Harris died at once while her friend sustained minor injuries. Police feel that Harris was targeted intentionally but purpose was not understood.

Another incident took place after midnight hours close to 1110 Jackson Ave where the dead body of Fred White, a Bronx man an ex-con was discovered with several bullet injuries. Until late last night, police were looking for both the murderers. Friends and mother of victim Haris gathered around the place where she was murdered while the body of ex-con Fred White was still lying in the street. Sabrina Kelly, the mother of Late Harris felt that the cops had to find the killer of her child and added that she would then attend every court date, parole hearings even if it takes place 50 years henceforth. The killer should be made aware that he had extinguished a life, which had not yet begin in the real sense, destroying her ambitions to be a pediatrician.

Sharay Kelly, sister of Harris said that she was killed for no obvious reason at the tender age of 18 when her life had not begun properly.

These killings have brought the tally of deaths to seven at the 42nd Precinct, in Morrisania’s during the year, as per police statistics.

The city had 288 murders during the current year as compared to 251 deaths in the same period of the previous year.

The twin murders have made the residents nervous.

Dion Walker, 22, a recent college grad said that it is frightening to come out and sit in a quiet corner, he also wished that  police would find out the reasons for such happenings though he was doubtful  to see an end for such happenings as things were getting worse.

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