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Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer

Injured In A Construction Accident In The Bronx?

Construction sites are a constant sight around the Bronx. Whether these sites involve roadwork, sidewalk repair, or building renovations, it is impossible to walk or drive anywhere in the Bronx without seeing them.

Unfortunately, construction sites are a leading cause of injuries. Often these injuries are caused by another person or party’s negligence. Roadwork can confuse many drivers causing them to get into accidents or workers may fail to properly secure heavy materials or scaffolding that can fall on someone passing by.

In any event, people injured by the presence of construction or while visiting a site may have the right to demand compensation. A Bronx construction accident lawyer could help you evaluate your case and pursue at-fault parties for payment. Throughout the process, a diligent injury attorney can serve as your guide to help you through the process.

Construction as a Contributing Factor to an Injury

nyc-construction-accident-lawyer-frekhtman With construction on the Bronx’s roads a constant sight, it is not surprising that these changes in traffic flow can cause accidents. However, the presence of construction on a site can complicate a potential case.

Any traffic signals or signs that change traffic flows during a period of construction carry the full weight of the law. This means that, if an accident does occur, the rules for that road may be different than what they would normally be. For instance, the right of way in an intersection may have changed or the speed limit could be different.

A Bronx construction attorney could help people injured in car accidents that occurred near construction sites understand their rights under the law. They can investigate the circumstances that lead to the crash to determine fault.

Injuries that Happen on Bronx Work Sites

When someone passing by or visiting a construction accident is injured, a claim must examine their reasons for entering the land as well as any steps taken by the property manager that may have contributed to the injury. If an invited guest enters a construction site, the owner of the site must provide that guest with protective gear and work with employees to ensure that they are safe.

If an injury does occur, and the site owner is responsible under New York law, that owner is liable to compensate the injured person for all their losses. This can include paying medical bills, providing compensation for lost wages, and even paying for mental anguish. Plaintiffs have three years after the injury to file a claim under New York Civ. Prac. Law & Rules §214.

It is also critical to remember that injured construction workers cannot file lawsuits for their injuries. Instead, on-the-job injuries are covered by workers’ compensation laws. This involves filing a claim with a workers’ compensation insurance policy. A Bronx construction accident lawyer could help non-workers pursue damages for their injuries due to property owner negligence and could help workers file thorough claims.

Consult with a Bronx Construction Accident Attorney Today

Injuries that occur on construction sites or due to the presence of construction on the Bronx’s roads can result in complex claims. This is because a car accident case could be complicated by new traffic patterns and property negligence claims can only be pursued if a person was invited onto the land.

A Bronx construction accident lawyer could work to investigate the facts that led to the incident and choose the legal path that has the best chance of success. Contact us today to learn more about your rights following an injury.