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Ladder Accidents

One of the most common types of construction accidents is a fall from a broken or defective ladder. It is important to hire a New York ladder accident injury lawyer to promptly investigate a ladder accident. Our construction accident attorneys use construction safety experts to inspect the ladder involved as well as the worksite. Typical problems may include:

  • placing a ladder on an uneven work surface
  • placing the ladder on a nail, stone, or other construction debris which may cause the ladder to become unsteady
  • using a ladder in a small space where it cannot fully open
  • using an old, worn, or broken ladder
  • using a ladder with either no footing on the bottom or defective footing

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Workers must often deal with occupational hazards such as falling objects, heavy machinery, and working at great heights. It should come as no surprise that the leading cause of death and serious injury in the construction industry is falling, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Construction workers are prone to falls when working on scaffolding or climbing ladders. Often, these accidents are due to negligence. In fact, OSHA also reports that the number one violation on a construction site is failing to provide adequate fall protection.

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury from falling off a ladder, it’s essential to contact a New York construction accident attorney immediately. At Frekhtman & Associates, we conduct an independent investigation into the case, determine who is liable for your injuries, and demand fair compensation on your behalf. Here’s what you need to know about ladder accidents in New York – and when to contact an attorney.

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New York Workers’ Compensation

When you sustain any workplace injury, your first form of recourse will be a workers’ compensation claim. New York law requires all employers carry insurance that covers medical expenses and a portion of lost wages in the event of an accident. Offering these benefits also prohibits injured workers from suing their employers, even if they were negligent.

Unfortunately, these workers’ compensation claims are not enough to fully reimburse you for the extent of your injuries and lost wages. Injured workers often struggle to make ends meet while living on a portion of their previous salary.

The law does offer some recourse to injured workers in the event of third-party liability claims. If another party is even partially responsible for your injuries, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to compensate for lost wages and intangible losses like pain and suffering.

Common Causes of Ladder Accidents

In some cases, ladder falls may be the result of third-party negligence. Some common examples include:

  • Using a worn or broken ladder.
  • Using a ladder with defective parts or footing.
  • Failing to provide adequate fall protection on a construction site.
  • Using a ladder in a small work area where it can’t fully open.
  • A subcontractor placing a ladder on an uneven work surface or on construction debris would make it unsteady.

New York law requires that both general contractors and building owners take reasonable steps to assure a safe workplace for construction professionals on their property. When employers fail to do so, someone should hold them accountable. Your actions could not only help you recover compensation, but it could also mean you protecting someone else from the same fate.

Contacting an Attorney

If you recently suffered harm in a ladder accident at a construction site, contact the attorneys at Frekhtman & Associates as soon as possible. We’re committed to holding companies accountable for their negligence while gaining you compensation for your lost wages, pain, and suffering. Your next step is to review your legal options with our firm, risk-free. To schedule your free case evaluation, please contact us.

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