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Brooklyn Burn Injury Lawyer

In 2016 alone, there were 486,000 burns that received medical treatment according to the American Burn Association. Approximately five percent of these burns occur while on the job and another five percent occur on roads and highways.

Some of these burns occurred in everyday accidents, while others occurred due to the fault of someone other than the victim. Since burns can be severe, potentially leading to infection and disfigurement, those injured because of another party’s negligence may be eligible for compensation.

If you are a burn victim and believe another party is at fault for your injuries, contact a Brooklyn burn injury lawyer to discuss your legal options. An accomplished injury attorney could help you navigate the laws and procedures regarding personal injury claims to help you recover financially, physically, and emotionally.

Long-Term Effects of Burn Injuries

Even when burns have healed and scar tissue has formed, an injured individual may continue to experience long-lasting effects from their injuries. These effects can include:

  • Inability to sweat: sweat glands can be destroyed by third-degree burns, making it difficult for burn victims to control their own body temperature
  • Dry skin: oil glands in the skin can also be destroyed, taking away the skin’s natural lubrication
  • Color changes to the skin: scars can remain red for months or even years and skin grafts may be a different color due to different amounts of melanin in different areas of the body
  • Changes in sensation: extreme heat and cold can bother burn victims and touch sensations may decrease
  • Psychological damages: emotional trauma can cause some victims to feel isolated, which may necessitate counseling and psychotherapy

The statute of Limitations in Brooklyn

Most states give victims of burn injuries a set amount of time to file a lawsuit, known as the statute of limitation. According to New York Civil Practice Law and Rules § 214-a, this time limit is 30 months from the date of the injury. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, the statute of limitations for minor children may not begin until they are 18 years of age and still runs for 30 months.

Filing a claim by the deadline is extremely important. Injured individuals who do not file their case within the allotted 30 months risk having their claim thrown out by the defendant and the judge. This bars them from seeking legal recourse for any damages, financial or otherwise, that they incurred at the hands of the defendant.

Contacting a Brooklyn burn injury lawyer as soon as possible can help victims get their case filed in time. In addition, the sooner the victim can hire legal representation, the sooner the attorney could begin obtaining evidence to support their claim.

How a Brooklyn Burn Injury Attorney Could Help

Burn injuries can cause a person to incur medical bills, reduce their ability to return to work, and enjoy previous activities. If you are in this situation and it was caused by a negligent party, you may want to contact a compassionate Brooklyn burn injury lawyer to help you file a lawsuit for monetary compensation.

No matter what situation your burn occurred in, you may be able to act on your legal right to financial recovery. Call today for a free consultation of your situation.