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Brooklyn Scaffold Accident Lawyers

Scaffolds are an integral part of a construction project allowing workers to work at the properly designated height on the exterior of a structure. However, scaffolds often lead to serious accidents and injuries when not properly set up, maintained, and erected. The Brooklyn scaffold accident attorneys at the F&A injury law firm are action driven trial lawyers with a passion to prosecute construction accident lawsuits quickly through the court system to obtain maximum results.

Causes of Scaffold Accidents

  • Poor scaffold erection, set up, and or construction.
  • Workers using the wrong type of construction equipment for the job being performed including the wrong type of scaffolding or alternative to scaffolding when a scaffold is necessary
  • Planking collapse or support collapse of the scaffold which may result from lack of safety practices and negligence
  • Failure to install proper guardrails on the scaffold to prevent workers from falling
  • Lack of construction safety devices & equipment (toeboards, guardrails, safety netting, lifelines, harnesses, etc)

Brooklyn development is booming with condos and apartment buildings under construction.

Hiring a Brooklyn Scaffolding Accident Lawyer

This development is built by hardworking construction workers who expose themselves to danger every day. Our Brooklyn scaffolding accident attorneys have experience handling all types of construction accident matters including scaffold injury and accidents. Contact us for a confidential & free consultation to discuss any scaffold accident. We work with top construction safety experts to prove liability and also coordinate client’s medical care with top NYC physicians.