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Manhattan Bus Accident Lawyers

Manhattan is the central hub of New York City with extremely heavy automobile and pedestrian traffic. Public transportation in Manhattan includes the NYC subway and buses. In addition to NYC buses, private charter bus companies pick up and drop off passengers in Manhattan. These include tour buses going to Atlantic City, NJ and other nearby destinations as well as national transportation bus companies such as Greyhound. Smaller buses including school buses are a daily sight on Manhattan streets.

Bus accidents are caused by a number of different factors but very often negligence on the part of the bus driver and or the bus company plays a role. Human error plays a part in up to ninety percent of all bus crashes.

Causes of Manhattan bus accidents

  • driver inattention
  • following too closely
  • failing to check rearview or side view mirrors prior to lane change
  • failing to yield to passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians
  • not following traffic signs such as stop signs, yield signs, and traffic control devices including red lights
  • bus company neglecting to repair or maintain the bus properly

Bus accident litigation is different from a typical car accident case in many ways. An experienced bus accident lawyer will have knowledge of applicable laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines including the Federal Motor Vehicle Standards and the internal rules & regulations of each bus company. This information should be obtained in discovery to bolster a client’s case in proving liability against the negligent bus driver and or bus company.

There is also discovery that should be obtained specific to bus accidents including trip sheets, paddle report, bus operator’s report, fitness for duty test results, driver qualification file, and many other vital information.

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