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Manhattan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Manhattan has some of the busiest traffic congestion in all of New York City. In the warmer months, motorcyclists add to this traffic along with cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicyclists, and many others. A motorcycle operator and or passenger are much more likely to be seriously injured as a result of an accident when compared to motor vehicles.

Proving Liability in Motorcycle Accidents

Common causes of Motorcycle Accidents include:

  • driver inattention
  • motorist failing to see motorcycle and therefore not yielding, cutting the motorcycle off, or otherwise crashing into the unseen vehicle
  • excessive speed on the part of the motorcycle and or other vehicles on the road
  • failing to engage in defensive driving techniques
  • improper or unsafe lane changes
  • improper or unsafe turns such as when a vehicle turns left in front of another vehicle proceeding straight ahead with the right of way
  • following too closely leading to rear end collisions

Disproving a societal bias against motorcycle operators

There exists to some extent a feeling among many people that motorcycle operators are to blame for an accident because motorcycles are dangerous. Riding a motorcycle is a risky activity and many people start off with a bias against motorcyclists as members of a motorcycle gang, street racers, daredevils, etc. It is therefore incumbent that an attorney presenting a motorcycle accident case to a jury during trial show that his motorcycle rider client used reasonable care in the operation of his vehicle.

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