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New York City Fracture Injury Lawyer

A fracture is the common medical term for a broken bone. There are different types of fractures that may happen after an accident or trauma.

How do bone fractures occur?

Common fractures following trauma are the shoulder (humerus), leg (tibia or fibula), wrist, vertebral fracture of the spine (example C3-4), or foot fracture (metatarsal bones). Medical treatment for any type of fracture normally consists of emergency medical attention by bringing the patient to the hospital for immediate care by ambulance. X-rays are usually used to diagnosis the fracture or to identify if a bone is bruised or otherwise damaged but not broken. Casts (soft or hard) can be applied to the fracture site.

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If fracture injury is serious and is unlikely to heal on its own, a physician needs to perform surgery in order to repair or “reduce” the fracture. Such procedures could be called open reduction with internal fixation which implies that the doctor needs to place hardware such as plates or pins into the affected areas to secure the fracture and prevent a recurrence.

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