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New York City Quadriplegia Lawyer

New York City Quadriplegia Lawyer

Total loss of movement and sensation from the neck down to both feet is known as Quadriplegia. It is caused by trauma to the brain and or cervical spine at a high level (neck vertebrae closest to the brain). The severity of the injury depends on which cervical disc is injured. C1 is the closest cervical disc to the brain and a traumatic injury to this dics will most likely render the patient a complete quadriplegic unable to move his or her arms or legs.

An injury to the C5-6 disc (lowest disc from brain) may only injure the legs while allowing the individual to retain movement of his or her arms. The type of trauma is also dispositive – a complete severing or breakage of the vertebrae will result in total loss of movement from that disc down. A partial tear or injury to the spinal cord may cause limited loss of function and or movement.

Even more than twenty years ago, the projected cost of lifetime care for a 27-year-old rendered quadriplegic was about US $1 million. Today, the cost is much greater.

Immediate medical care is crucial. Delays often lead to permanent irreversible damage. Patients will need constant care and assistance in things such as getting dressed, personal hygiene, movement (wheelchair assistance is common), eating, and bowel and bladder help.

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