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New York City Airplane Accident Lawyer

New York City Airplane Accident Lawyer

Handling matters involving airplane accidents requires diligence, attention to detail, and the ability to relate to and understand our own clients who have undergone a life-changing tragedy. Airplane crash survivors and family members have specific legal rights outlined in State, Federal, and International law as well as in various treaties. If you have been impacted consult with a New York City airplane accident lawyer for help. Our experienced NYC accident team is available to assist you.

Impact of Airplane Accidents

Recent New York cases involving airplane tragedies have included American Airlines Flight 587 heading to the Dominican Republic, TWA Flight 800 to Paris, Yankee’s Pitcher Corey Lidle’s plane crashing into an Upper East Side residential apartment building, and smaller accidents involving private jets in Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey’s airfields.

The Federal Aviation Act and Regulations promulgated a specific set of safety standards for airplanes, including the pilot’s conduct, flight hours regulation, aircraft manufacturing, and flight operation procedure.

A different set of rules and regulations apply to airplane accidents involving commercial, military, and or private planes. If you or a loved one has been involved in a plane crash do not say anything until you contact a New York City airplane accident lawyer as legally binding documents may relinquish your rights forever.

Consulting With a New York Airplane Accident Lawyer

The New York City airplane accident attorneys at Frekhtman & Associates are ready to help you and your family recover after this traumatizing experience.