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One of the most gruesome and devastating injuries an individual and his or her family can suffer in an accident is called a degloving injury. In this type of injury, the skin is pulled off the bone or degloved just as when someone takes off a glove from their hand. In serious degloving injuries, the tissues, tendons, and muscles are traumatically pulled off the bone. The recovery is slow and painful. It may require extensive surgeries and rehabilitation.

When this type of injury happens as a result of an accident, experienced degloving injury lawyers at F&A can recover significant compensation including medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering. The damages amounts may be in the millions for a serious and life altering injury. F&A handles degloving injury litigation matters on contingency which simply means we do not earn a penny until we first recover money for you.

Consequences of a degloving injury

  • complete or partial loss of limbs and or digits
  • Paralysis or decreased range of motion; loss of full movement
  • Pain & suffering in the area of impact/ injury
  • Infection
  • Emotional distress and injuries
  • Loss of sensation; complete or partial
  • Avulsion of the skin and tissues under the skin
  • Loss of body’s ability to regulate simple functions: hemodynamic instability

Types of recovery from a lawsuit

  • Loss of wages past & future; related economic damages such as value of household services
  • Past & Future medical expenses including surgery, physical therapy, cost of prescriptions, etc
  • Past & Future pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional Distress
  • And other types of damages

Four Types of Degloving Injuries

  • Avulsion (the action of pulling or tearing away)
  • Single plane degloving where the injury occurs on one surface of the skin
  • multi plane degloving where the injury occurs on multiple surfaces of the skin
  • Morel-Lavallee lesions: a closed degloving internal bodily injury which occurs due to disruption of capillaries and shearing forces in the subcutaneous tissue (may happen after a run over accident with a car)

Degloving injury medical article and photographs:

Most degloving injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents including motorcycle accidents and or bicycle accidents where a rider is dragged along a roadway or falls off a motorcycle at high speed causing severe road rash to unprotected areas of the body. Additionally, in motor vehicle accidents, degloving injuries occur when pedestrians are struck by a car and dragged along the road.

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