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NYC Car Accident Head Injury Lawyers

Many people involved in car accidents never think to retain a traumatic brain injury lawyer. Severe whiplash, striking your head on the dashboard after impact, or a roll-over accident may lead to serious head injuries including a concussion or TBI.

Open Head Injury after an automobile accident

An open head injury is when an external force impacts the head and pierces or penetrates the skull. This is often a severe type of injury that may be fatal. Emergency medical help will usually be needed.

Closed Head Injury after an automobile accident

A closed head injury happens when the head impacts an object which in turn causes injury to the brain enclosed within the skull. This type of injury occurs within the confines of the head so it is much harder to diagnose and many conditions including MBTI may be misdiagnosed.

A brain injury can affect a person severely and many symptoms may not be felt until some time after the accident. After a car accident, a head injury may affect the person’s ability to remember both short and long-term. A brain injury can also change the individual’s personality and cause emotional problems including depression. It is crucial to obtain excellent medical care from neurologists that can diagnose and treat brain injury as well as other medical specialists. Hiring an NYC traumatic brain injury lawyer as soon as possible after a car accident is very important as it will serve two vital purposes.

First, a brain injury lawyer can help coordinate your medical treatment which will make you feel better and improve your prognosis. Second, the medical treatment will be documented which evidence can and will be used to maximize compensation from the litigation which is commensurate with the severity of your overall injury or damages.

Contact Attorneys that Specialize in Auto Accident Head Injuries

Frekhtman & Associates work with top experts including neuropsychologists, neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, neuroradiologists, and other medical doctors who utilize the latest medical technology to diagnose and treat brain injuries. We spare no expense to build the strongest case possible and often utilize color 3-D brain imaging technology such as a PET-SCAN to prove a traumatic brain injury at trial. Contact us today!