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Signs and Symptoms of a Brain Injury in New York City

In the U.S. over five million people live with a brain injury while over one million head injuries occur each year. New York City or Manhattan has some of the top medical specialists in the world who can diagnose and treat various brain injuries caused by accidents in the New York area. It is vital to immediately hire an experienced brain injury attorney who works closely with top medical specialists so that a head injury may receive proper medical care leading to the greatest chance of cure. While helping individuals get better by coordinating their medical care, an experienced New York City brain injury lawyer will also serve the dual benefit of building their civil damages case through medical evidence of diagnosis, treatment, medical costs, and future prognosis.

Brain injuries take on various forms and there are many different types of injuries to the head with varying severity. Some are temporary head injuries which go away in a matter of days or weeks. Yet others linger for years or may become permanent. Some brain injuries start out as minor but become worse with time if not treated properly.

Signs and Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury include

  • headaches, nausea, confusion
  • inability to think clearly or to learn
  • decreased cognitive ability
  • change in personality; emotional changes; depression; irritability
  • loss of vision, hearing, taste, or other sense impairment
  • impaired speech

Car Accidents are the leading cause of brain injuries but many other types of accidents can result in traumatic brain injury as well. A trip and fall accident may result in a brain injury. Industrial work accidents and construction site accidents cause brain injuries. Building accidents including ceiling collapses may lead to brain injuries as well.

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