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New York City Skin Graft Surgery Lawyer

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and provides a protective barrier from foreign substances that can cause infections. The skin helps regulate body temperature. When a severe burn injury due to a fire accident, chemical burn, explosion, or other similar cause happens, the damages skin cannot heal fully because the burned skin has to be replaced with healthy skin. A surgical procedure employed by physicians is called a skin graft surgery. Medically there is a strong preference to take donor skin from the injured person since his or her body is much more likely to accept skin from other parts of the body as opposed to skin from a different individual altogether.

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While skin graft surgery leaves scars from the procedure, it can significantly improve a burn injury when compared to leaving the injury untreated. There are a few types of skin grafts:

  • Pinch grafts: usually take a “pinch” or small piece of skin from a new site and transplant it onto the injured area. This type of surgical procedure is often used in parts of the body having poor blood circulation.
  • Split thickness grafts transplant the outer layer of skin together with deep skin or inner layers.
  • Full thickness grafts transfer all skin layers together with accompanying blood vessels in the area. This type of graft is frequently used by surgeons for weight bearing portions of the body such as burns to the soles of the feet. The most serious type of graft, a full thickness skin graft, may also be used for severe burns involving the dermis or deep tissue areas of the inner skin. Donor sites used by surgeons for full thickness grafting may include the stomach wall or a piece of skin from the back or hip area.
  • Pedicle grafts are used to treat injuries to the face or hands. When performing a pedicle graft, doctors do not remove all the skin from the donor site but rather leave a small flap to confirm strong blood supply and circulation. The removed portion will assist with healing the burn injury in the new transplanted location of the body.
  • An autograft is when a doctor transplants skin from another portion of the same patient’s body.
  • An allograft is when skin from a different patient or source is transplanted onto the burn victim.

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