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New York City Posterior Cord Injury Syndrome Attorney

Among the worst possible outcomes of a serious accident, a spinal cord injury can cause a lifetime of hardship. The New York personal injury lawyers at Frekhtman & Associates law firm specialize in litigating serious life changing cases for those who suffer with posterior cord injury syndrome from client intake to jury trial.

A spinal cord injury is a catastrophic trauma that can relegate a healthy individual to a wheelchair.

What is Posterior Cord Syndrome?

Posterior cord syndrome is caused by damage to the back of the spinal cord. This type of  injury is classed as an incomplete spinal cord injury and is less sever than other spinal cord injuries which does not impair sensation or muscle strength, but does negatively impact one’s coordination.

The spinal cord is made up of the spinal column and intervertebral discs. Each disc has a nucleus containing disc material surrounded by numerous walls. The entire spinal cord is surrounded by nerve roots.

Clinically these are the attributes of posterior cord syndrome:

  • Caused by a  hyperextension compressing or trauma to the posterior column and posterior grey horns
  • Loss of proprioception + loss of vibration sensation + loss of two point discrimination +loss of light touch
  • An individual will still be able to control temperature and feel pain. They will also have preserved motor function below the level of the lesion.
  • L’Hermitte’s Sign – characterized by the sensation of electric shocks running down the back and into the limbs.

What Trial Experience Do You Have With Spine injury Cases?

While a spinal cord injury can occur due to various types of accidents, the important thing to remember when litigating this type of action is to build a damages case to prove the full extent of the spinal injury to the jury at trial.

The trial attorneys at Frekhtman & Associates have handled hundreds of spinal cord injury cases in New York.

Our firm pairs up with experts so that we can factually present your case so that the maximum compensation is achieved. We get documents from:

  • Medical doctors to prove the back injury, including neuro surgeons and orthopedic spinal surgeons.
  • Economic experts to prove past and future lost wages, salary increases, union or other benefits, retirement benefits, fringe benefits, value of household services, and other economic damages.
  • Vocational rehabilitation experts to explain why a patient cannot work in a different profession or vocation.
  • Life care planning experts to devise a plan for the care of the patient for the remainder of his or her life which may include 24 hour rehabilitation, physical therapy, medical visits, prescription medications, future surgery, and or other factors and considerations. A claim can be made for past and future medical and other life care planning costs which the patient or his family will have to pay because of the accident.

All of the above professionals together with our client’s family will explain the devastating impact the spinal cord injury had on his or her life.

Types of Compensation an Individual with a Spinal Cord Injury can receive

Damages recoverable after a spinal cord injury may include

  • Conscious pain & suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Value of past & future medical expenses including surgery, rehabilitation, therapy, medical devices, prescriptions, and other necessary medical disbursements
  • and other types of recovery depending on case specific facts

If you or a loved one suffered a spinal cord injury contact the attorneys at the F&A injury law firm at (866) ATTY LAW or (212) 222-1111. We will help you through the litigation process, assist in coordinating your medical care, and provide trusted advice and guidance in a difficult time.

Spinal Cord injuries at the cervical spine closer to the head may cause more loss of function as compared with lower injuries to the lumbar spine or sacrum.

Most spinal cord injury sufferers have recurring admissions to hospital and it is important to receive an adequate compensation that will provide for you for the rest of your life.

Frekhtman & Associates works with top experts to prove liability against defendants and to prove maximum damages at the time of trial.


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