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Jackknife Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers

Jackknife Tractor Trailer Accident A jackknife tractor trailer is a type of truck accident where the tractor brakes suddenly causing the trailer to swing out at a 90 degree right angle to the tractor. The angle looks like a pocket knife. The longer portion of the right angle is the trailer and the shorter portion the tractor as they form what looks like the letter “L”. Jackknife accidents often happen during slippery or wet conditions when the wheels lock up. These accidents are very dangerous with a high likelihood of a rollover.

Because trucks carrying trailers are very large long vehicles 50 feet or more carrying cargo weight of 80,000 pounds, the consequences of a jackknife accident can be devastating. Up to 5% of all truck accidents are jackknife tractor trailer accidents and should result in contact with a New York City truck accident lawyer.

Causes of JackKnife Accidents

  • Truck driver locking the drive axles when braking
  • Locking the steering axle brakes
  • Slippery road conditions
  • High speed driving
  • Inclement weather
  • Curves in the road
  • Brake failure or other equipment malfunction

What Truck Drivers Can Do to Avoid Jackknife Accidents

  • Always keep a reasonable distance behind other vehicles especially in poor weather conditions; never tailgate
  • if the truck begins to skid, the driver should release the brakes and turn the steering wheel in the same direction as the skid to help avoid a jackknife
  • a truck driver should not try to slam on the brakes but rather brake over a longer stopping distance
  • a truck driver should not hit the brakes and swerve at the same time

Common Injuries and Damages After a Jackknife Accident

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • fractures
  • lacerations and internal bleeding
  • head injuries or TBI
  • concussion
  • Wrongful Death
  • Whiplash Injuries
  • burns
  • contusions
  • injuries from seat belts

A plaintiff can recover compensation for a jackknife accident that was even partially the fault of a truck driver and or trucking company. Compensation includes

  • past and future pain and suffering
  • past and future lost wages
  • past and future medical expenses
  • and other types of damages

It is important to contact a trucking accident lawyer familiar with jackknife tractor trailer accidents. The F&A accident lawyers have experience handling all types of truck accidents, hire top safety experts, and work with renowned medical specialists to win maximum compensation for our clients.