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How common are TBIs?

FAQsCategory: Brain InjuryHow common are TBIs?
Frekhtman & Associates Staff asked 4 years ago

How common are Traumatic Brain Injury (TBIs)?

1 Answers
Frekhtman & Associates Staff answered 4 years ago
They occur constantly in everyday life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that close to 30% of all injury deaths involve TBIs. Those most likely to suffer this type of injury are children age four or younger, teens between ages 15 and 19 – and adults over the age of 65. Nearly half a million emergency room visits are made each year after infants and children up to age 14 suffer head injuries. However, the largest number of TBI-related trips to ERs are made by those age 75 and older. Recent years have seen a definite increase in these types of accidents. In fact, during 2013, falls alone led to 47% of all TBI-related trips to emergency rooms – many of which resulted in hospitalizations (or death).