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Which hernia repair products does our firm handle in current lawsuits?

FAQsCategory: HerniaWhich hernia repair products does our firm handle in current lawsuits?
Frekhtman & Associates Staff asked 4 years ago

Which hernia repair products does our firm handle in current lawsuits?

1 Answers
Frekhtman & Associates Staff answered 4 years ago
1. Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Physiomesh implant. At one point, J & J issued a “market
withdrawal” of this product. Over a lengthy time period, the FDA received numerous,
adverse medical reports – clearly indicating major patient complaints after their surgeons used
this product. In one of the cases documented by the FDA, a patient who underwent an open
incision hernia repair, had to undergo a second, corrective surgery.

During that follow-up procedure, it was discovered that the implanted Ethicon Physiomesh
product had “come apart and unraveled” in the patient’s body. Some sources indicate that
at one point, the FDA received hundreds of adverse medical reports a month due to
the use of this product.

2. The Atrium C-Qur V-Patch. In August 9, 2013, the FDA issued a Class 2 Recall for the
C- QUR V-Patch Mesh. This product was intended for use by surgeons “to handle soft- tissue
deficiencies.” The product’s manufacturer was Atrium Medical Corporation, located in
Hudson, New Hampshire.

Atrium’s stated reason for recalling this device was that the coated mesh might stick to the
inner box packaging if it were later stored in high humidity conditions. (Manufacturers’ stated
reasons for recalling a product appear to often be worded in the most legally neutral terms
possible). As a result of this given concern, the FDA initially categorized this problem as one
involving package design. However, on February 4, 2015, the FDA obtained an injunction
against Atrium – which led to a production halt on all these recalled, hernia mesh products.

Depending on the specific facts involved, our firm may choose to accept cases related to other
defective, hernia repair products. We always carefully review the surgical records of each
prospective client who meets the other criteria set forth below.