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Do You Need a Bus Accident Lawyer in New York?

If you’ve been in a bus accident anywhere in New York, you might be wondering what to do next. If you were seriously injured in the accident, you might have a lot of questions and be under a lot of stress. A serious accident can change your life for years to come. It can mean you are dealing with injuries where you will have to have medical treatments and visits for months or even years. These medical treatments can get expensive. Your injuries could also keep you from your job which can also have a significant impact on your financial...

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More Bus Crash Statistics

While buses are one of the safest ways to get around, bus accidents do happen. Buses are used in places like New York City frequently. Many people in New York rely on buses to get around. They can be one of the main forms of transportation for many people. With MTA buses transporting so many people each day, it makes sense that bus crashes happen sometimes. Also, there are many other kinds of buses such as school buses that are used daily. In 2015, there were over 32 thousand fatal vehicle accidents in the United States. Only around 250 of these...

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Bus Crash Statistics

Across the country each day, there are buses being used for a variety of purposes. Some buses are used in cities to get people from place to place. Some are used to take kids to school. Others are used to transport travelers to different areas across the county. Buses can be an affordable way to get around. They are also considered one of the safest forms of travel. They have just .14 deaths per billion miles. But, even still, bus accidents do happen. They can cause injuries and even fatalities. In places like New York, where traveling by bus is quite...

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