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Brain injury lawyer examines new findings on subconcussive blows to the head

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In recent years, researchers have been paying more attention to the effects of repeated blows to the head suffered by football players and other athletes explains a New York City brain injury lawyer. For example, some retired football players have developed Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease associated with repeated brain trauma. The trauma can result not only from concussions, but also from subconcussive blows - hits to the head that may not lead to symptoms or concussion diagnoses, but nevertheless affect the brain when they occur repeatedly over time. Recent findings from high school football players Along with investigating older...

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When Mild Doesn’t Mean Gentle from New York Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

Mild. What does it mean? We'll save you a Google search or trip to your bookshelf. "Mild" is an adjective that means: "Gentle and not easily provoked" "(of a rule or punishment) of only moderate severity" "not keenly felt or seriously intended" Okay, but what does "mild" mean in the context of a "mild traumatic brain injury?" In our experience as injury lawyers serving the interests of brain injury victims and their families, "mild" does not begin to describe the dramatic effects these injuries can have on individuals and their loved ones. There is nothing "gentle" about a traumatic brain injury, and they can...

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