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Five Causes of Trench Accidents


Trenches are a common sight in the construction industry and present several dangers. These include falls, cave-ins, dangerous fumes and gases, and worker vulnerability to falling loads from above. The greatest danger however, is a cave-in on the workers inside the trench. Here are five factors that cause cave-in trench accidents: Inadequate Protection Systems in Place A vertical wall of soil is generally unstable. Although it may initially hold up when the soil conditions are right, disturbances such as vibration or changes in the soil's moisture can cause the wall to collapse. To ensure worker safety, appropriate protection systems are required. Depending on...

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New York Trench Accident Lawyer Discusses a Recent Flood that Caused a Tragic Trench Collapse

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A trench accident occurred on Friday, October 21, at about 1 p.m. when water suddenly flooded an underground area in Boston’s South end explains a trench accident lawyer at the F&A injury law firm in New York City. Witnesses told the Boston Globe that a torrent of brown water suddenly spewed into the trench and across the Dartmouth Street construction zone. The Boston Police Commissioner, William Evans, suggested that a water pipe ruptured for an unknown reason. Trench Suddenly Floods  A number of workers were in the long, narrow trench when it flooded without warning. At least two workers escaped, but two others...

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