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Jack C

I wanted to see you in person to shake your hand and thank you for your legal services, but I’m still having a hard time travelling far with this leg that is still healing. Maybe soon I would still like to visit and shake your hand. I feel grateful by the fact that you took my case and still worked on protecting my rights with regards to my accident. Though it took a while, it was still profitable because even while I was working I was protected from any retaliation from the company I was working for and in the end it turned out in a positive light. I didn’t care, nor will I ever, if anyone thought that I did it for the money because that’s not the reason why. In this country, as its citizen, I will always pursue my rights to protect myself and give voice to my side of the story should any doubt arises in any situation. It’s professional lawyers like you that make this happen and as a God given right, you champion all those whose voices should be heard. Thank you again, Mr. Frekhtman, for the work that you do and for representing the unheard simple folks, like me, who also contribute to this great nation God made into existence.

I thank God for you as I can now move on and continue to live a normal life of work and peace of mind.

Julian Matias

Very good. Accessible and Knowledgeable.

They are friendly and do a good job for clients. I used them and so did my sister. Will recommend to others.

Jamie W.

Best personal injury lawyers in NY. Frekhtman Associates is an experienced personal injury law firm in New York City.I would surely recommend Frekhtman Associates to anyone who is looking for a personal injury or accident attorney within New York. During the trial, I got update on each and every progress regarding my case and I am quite satisfied with the outcome. Thanks !

Antony M.

Very Good Lawyers ! Impressed ! Very Nice Job they did for my sister. She was hit by a driver making a left turn as she was crossing the street. They made sure her medical bills were paid, that she got her wage checks from the insurance company, and they filed a lawsuit against the guy who hit her. The outcome was very good !

Terry S.

Pleased. Good job on my case. Horrible being in an accident but this law firm made it a little better. I was a passenger in a car that got hit from the side by someone who changed lanes into us. After the accident, I tore up my knee and needed surgery. The lawyers helped me through the process and updated me on my case. It did take some time but thats the system. In the end, they recovered a very nice settlement. I was extremely satisfied and would recommend this firm.


Very Good. Nice people, very good lawyers. They really care about their clients and work hand in hand for results.

Monique B.

Very Happy. Really liked these guys. Very personable and explained everything in non legal language so I could understand. But when it came down to it, they fought for me and my son to get him the maximum result. I was very impressed.

Micah H.

Very good. Very good. Took care of my case with expertise. Experienced trial lawyers who are great in court.

Michel Wilson

Good personal injury lawyers in new york. New York personal injury Lawyers, Frekhtman Associates really helped me. My niece got seriously injured in a car accident involving her car and a truck and I had no idea what to do. I did not know whether to contact an auto accident lawyer, or personal injury lawyer. The trucking company refused to take any responsibility of the accident. Thankfully we contact Frekhtman Associates. They worked on contingency basis and helped my niece receive justice and compensation she deserved. Thanks for the help ! I would surely recommend Frekhtman Associates to anyone. They are surely one of the best car accident lawyers in New York.


Frekhtman and Associates arranged an excellent settlement for me in Brooklyn, and it took them only about two weeks to do it. They are the reason that I get to keep my house, and I want them to know that I’m glad I made the right choice.


Thanks to these Brooklyn personal injury lawyers, I never even had to go to court. Everything was settled by my lawyers while I was still recuperating in the hospital. I basically only had to sign a few papers to get my hospital bills completely paid.


Frekhtman and Associates left me completely satisfied. They moved things very quickly, so I had my money only a few months after I had first contacted them. They were also available every time I called them, and ready to answer every question I ever had.


I was shocked by the size of the settlement that they got for me. I never dreamed that they would be able to get me this much, and they payment that they took out of it was more than fair. I will be financially secure for a very long time thanks to their work.

Lucinda W.

Very good injury lawyers

Impressed with the way they handled my ceiling collapse case. Kept in touch with me. Moved the case quickly. Every time I called or had to go to the office they were pleasant. I especially liked how they prepared me for my deposition hearing. good job.

wilkins S.

Great Law firm

First time having to use a law firm and let me tell you I made the right choice. Frekhtman & Associates work hard for their clients. They fight real hard and gives you the right advice towards any challenge as the case progress. Any family or friend that is in need of a law firm i will send them here and I know they will be in good hands. If you are in search do not search any longer go and give them a call.

Pain Physicians NYC

Very professional Law Firm. Paralegal, Katie Adaven helps me with all my inquiries. I was satisfied with the service I received. Totally recommended.

marisol rivera

Yahaira is a very caring and informative person when it comes to your cases, my case if being taken care of right now and she has made me feel comfortable and i call her whenever i have a question about my case and she always gets an answer for me even if i have to wait a little while, she always gets back to me. She is very very responsible and you can always count on her!!

Mike Wilson

NY Accident Attorneys, Frekhtman Associates represented me after I was rear ended in an car accident and suffered spinal injuries. The auto accident lawyers made me feel comfortable, helped me get good medical care, and ultimately obtained a fair amount of compensation for my injuries, lost wages and medical bills. I am thankful to them for their help and quick service.

Ivan Cheptenari

Frekhtman & Associates helped me get my settlement from an injury I got in a car accident. From phone calls, to depositions and hearings, I’ve received nothing short of an excellent service. Katie Adaven was amazing in helping prepare all of the paperwork and addressed each and every one of the many concerns I had. I would gladly recommend this firm based on the service and attention I have received.

Amanda Herman

Excellent law firm. The attorneys take the time to listen to concerns, answer questions and are really invested in their clients. Everyone at Frekhtman & Associates is professional and thorough, especially Jennifer who is always there to help.

Heather Joseph

Good construction accident lawyers ! My brother got seriously injured in a construction accident and this New York law firm really helped. We are happy with the compensation received. The lawyer was tough and fought hard for the maximum result. Their accident attorneys are always available to help our family in our time of need.

Michel Gingras

My motorcycle was hit by a drunk driver. The driver then tried to flee the scene after leaving me in serious pain and trauma. I hired the accident lawyers at F&A who won a settlement which will continue to help me for years to come and will help me put my life back on track. I would surely recommend this law firm to anyone looking for motorcycle accident lawyer in New York.

Lisa Emovi

I was very pleased to have worked with NY law firm, Frekhtman & Associates with a recent truck accident in which I got seriously hurt. The staff is very friendly. I have the utmost of confidence in their team. Truck accidents are their specialty. They know this area of law. They hire the best experts and spare no expense. This injury law firm is the real deal.

Laurie Chopak

I was very satisfied with the service I received from Frekhtman & Associates. My daughter was involved in a car accident and needed legal assistance. She was referred to Frekhtman by a friend who was satisified with the service they received. The Office Manager, Jennifer Sheridan, went out of her way to assist us. She was always available to answer any questions and made sure we were well taken care of. She also made sure we were aware of everything that was involved in the trial process. I can say that she went above and beyond to help us. With her hard work and dedication, my daughter received a settlement that will help her in her future. Many thanks to Jennifer and the wonderful staff at Frekhtman & Associates!

Andrew D.

2 months ago, my car collided with a commercial bus and i was seriously injured. Then i came into contact with Frekhtman & Associates, they handled my case and the whole process went smoothly and was settled at good amount. I highly recommend them.

Andrew d.

Last year, my car was hit by another car and I got injured in the accident. I contacted these knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Because of their efforts I got an excellent settlement for my case that I never expected.

Andrew d.

I strongly Recommend Frekhtman & Associates

I came into contact with Frekhtman & Associates law firm last month when i got spinal injury in car accident. Their experienced attorneys really helped me to get good settlement for my injuries.

Andrew Dwayne

Honestly, Frekhtman & Associates are the highly experienced law firm in New York. 2 Months before, i met with a bus accident and after that i found my spinal cord was injured badly. Today, due to the only effort by Frekhtman & Associates and their team i got good compensation for all my injuries.

Shine G.

Honest People, big big winners. but if you need some of you lawsuit settlement money, call Maria 1 888-8four9-8428 get a lawsuit cash advance upto $5000.

Amanda Gonzalez

I was struck by a car in Brooklyn and I found Frekhtman & Associates online. I had very serious injuries and the attorneys at the firm worked with me on a daily basis. They checked up on me to see how i was doing and helped me with any questions I had. They were able to get me money in only 6 months. I would def recommend them to others and I have already referred my friends to them.

Saodat Nasirova

After I slipped and fell in Queens I found Frekhtman & Associates online. I could not agree more with all of the positive reviews. They worked closely with me and very professional throughout the whole process. They were able to get me a large settlement. I am very happy.

Bart Auerbachy

Excellent work. Top car accident lawyers in the NYC area. As a client I felt in good hands, respected, and part of a family. Best of all they counseled me every step of the way and kept fighting the defense firms and insurance companies which took guts and hard work. It paid off big time with an excellent settlement during trial. Thank you !!

Algar Smith

I consulted Frekhtman & Associates for my personal injury case in the last month, Arkady and his team work very dedicatedly and were very supportive. With the help of Arkady we were able to settle our personal injury lawsuit in mediation and avoid court. I have a strong reason to recommend them.

Liliya Zatirka

I had an accident in Manhattan where I slipped and fell due to the negligence of a construction company. Frekhtman and Associates helped me immensely. I was able to recover a significant sum and I am very happy with their services.

Robert Wiltson

I hire Frekhtman & Associates firm. This firm welcomes you with a positive and friendly environment. I definitely recommended these lawyer who needs. A great firm to hire for all kinds of legal needs.

Reggie Smith

Really good accident attorneys in New York City. I had received serious spinal injuries in a motorcycle accident all due to a negligent car driver. Frekhtman associates from NY helped me receive compensation which helped me to recover from injuries and other financial losses suffered due to the accident. I would surely recommend them.

02/29/2016 Google

My son passed away because of a car accident in Manhattan. Frekhtman and Associates have been extremely helpful in taking me through the litigation process taking care every step of the way. I just want to thank them for all of the amazing work they did for me and my family.

Pedro Gonzalez

Very hard working attorneys who care about their clients. They took the time to explain things step by step and did not stop fighting on our family?s behalf until justice was served.

Marsha Grabov

Frekhtman & Associates handled my motor vehicle accident. The case was successfully resolved, in a timely manner, thanks to the great team at Frekhtman & Associates, and especially Jennifer Sheridan. She was helping me with every question or concern, and was always prompt with answers. I am completely satisfied.

05/14/2015 Google

This firm has good attention to detail and prepares clients the right way. They treat clients like they are a close member of their family. I love that. Also they obtained an amazing award for my case.

08/27/2014 Google

Great communication in both language English and Spanish and also work fast on your case and in your favor all the time i always ask for yahaira she was able to solve all my needs every time i call about the case.

01/26/2016 Google

The thing that impressed me most about this firm is the fact that they were extremely professional & the staff genuinely cared. The entire team were very accommodating, You can always count on them, They truly work as a team, always received rapid responses & answers to questions or concerns via emails, calls, meetings.The lawyers and staff will make anyone feel very relaxed and at ease, and confident in all of your representation. You an trust them w/ all matters.You can TRUST Frekhtman & Associates firm to have your interest at heart.

10/28/2013 Google

I referred by a friend to a construction accident lawyer here who knew about $2.8 million settlement here for a worker on who concrete fell from the excavator bucket. I have similar job site accident injury from falling debris. I walked in here in Febuary…very happy so far. These boys have my back and listen, bring on best experts and let justice be served!

10/20/2013 Google

I was very happy with the outcome of my personal injury case. Mr. Frekhtman and staff was very helpful and always kept me updated. Anytime I had a question or concern, he always took time out to respond right away. Thank you Frekhtman & Associates for your hard work and dedication!

03/20/2013 Google

Good personal injury lawyers near bronx, ny. I got injured in a car accident all due to the negligence of the school bus driver who was driving recklessly. I received serious injuries and was denied any help from insurance company. thanks to the Frekhtman & Associates. I got compensation for injuries and insurance company was held accountable too for denying compensation.I would surely recommend this law firm to anyone searching for an accident attorney near NY.

10/06/2013 Google

This small law firm was very helpful and friendly. The car accident lawyers treat their clients very well. While my auto accident case was pending, the attorney kept in touch by phone or email and answered my questions. When it came time to go to court, the trial attorney was aggressive fighting for the most possible. Overall excellent.

03/19/2013 Superpages

One of the best personal injury lawyers in ny. I would surely recommend frekhtman & associates to anyone who is searching or a reliable accident attorney or personal injuy lawyer in ny state. Thanks for the help.

01/25/2011 Superpages

Rick Mogg goes to bat for his clients 100%. Rickydarts

11/29/2013 Yelp

Excellent job on my case. These car accident lawyers answered all my calls and questions. They moved the case through the court quickly and the end result.

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