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Tractor Trailer Accidents in New York

In New York City, tractor-trailers are being used more extensively on all major highways and even on smaller streets and roadways.
Tractor Trailer Accidents in New York City

Tractor Trailers are transporting various goods throughout the New York metropolitan area including food, beverages, and other items sold at the retailer. Tractor Trailer or trucking accidents often occur on highways at high speeds but can also cause serious injuries at low speeds when the tractor-trailer is turning or when the operator fails to be aware of his surroundings. One example is when a tractor-trailer fails to see a pedestrian, bicyclist, another vehicle, or motorcyclist.

Manhattan, NY 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys – F&A helps accident victims in all types of tractor-trailer accidents including jackknife tractor-trailers, semi-tractor-trailer collisions, tractor-trailer rollovers, 18 wheeler accidents, and other truck accident matters. One of the main reasons tractor-trailer accidents can be catastrophic is the weight of the trailer when fully loaded. A loaded trailer may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Even a tractor carrying an empty trailer weighs about 30,000 pounds. This is an extremely dangerous weight that exerts enormous force when the tractor-trailer comes into contact with a standard vehicle that only weighs 4,000 pounds.

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Even the largest SUV usually weighs no more than 5,000 pounds. Some of the highways where tractor-trailers are being driven include the Cross Bronx Expressway or New England Thruway (I-95), New York State Thruway (I-87), Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE, I-278), Long Island Expressway (LIE, I-495), Van Wyck Expressway (I-678) and the Staten Island Expressway (I-278). Common types of truck accidents include:

Types of 18 Wheeler & Tractor-Trailer Accidents in NY

Jack Knife Tractor Trailer: when the trailer folds up or swings to the left or right side of the tractor which resembles a folded-up pocket knife. If a tractor towing the trailer skids, the trailer’s weight can cause the tractor to face sideways or backward on the roadway. Causes of jackknifing include poor weather conditions such as snow or ice on the roadway, inattentive driving, equipment problems, or improper braking.

Trailer Swing: occurs when the trailer swings to the left or right but does not permanently fold up or jackknife. As the trailer swings, it can crash into other vehicles on the roadway.
Tractor-Trailer Driver Negligence

Tractor-Trailer Driver Negligence

  • The operator of the truck is tired from driving too many hours in violation of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which limits the number of hours a tractor-trailer operator may drive
  • The tractor-trailer driver is using a cell phone or texting while driving
  • The tractor-trailer is speeding
  • The tractor-trailer tailgating another vehicle
  • The tractor-trailer makes an illegal or dangerous turn
  • The tractor-trailer or fails to stop in time and crashes into the rear of another vehicle.

Improper Loading of Trucks

  • When a load on the back of a flatbed trailer is improperly secured, parts of the load or other falling debris can end up on the roadway causing severe injury to others.

Failure to maintain the tractor-trailer

  • If the tractor-trailer is not repaired or if maintenance is not kept up, a defective part can cause accidents and injury.

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