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4 Common Construction Site Accidents Lawyers Handle

4 Common Construction Site Accidents Lawyers Handle

Construction sites are dangerous places to work. Serious injuries and fatalities occur on a regular basis. This high-risk work results in 4% of all construction workers having non-fatal injuries while on the job, reports the Bureau of Labor. With such a high occurrence of injuries, it’s understandable that one day you might need to hire a construction site accident lawyer.

4 Common Construction Site Accidents

1. Falls from Scaffolding and Ladders

Many construction workers perform their jobs at high heights such as on scaffolding, ladders, or roofs. The Bureau of Labor reports that almost 34% of all job-related deaths occur at construction sites. Depending on the height from which a person falls, the injuries can be broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, paraplegia, or death.

2. Slips and Falls

For a variety of reasons, it’s easy to trip and fall at a construction site. The area has numerous tools, electrical cords, building materials, and construction debris.

3. Machinery Accidents

The heavy-duty machinery used on construction sites account for many injuries. If safety measures aren’t in place, if the equipment is defective or not maintained properly, or if workers aren’t adequately trained in using the machinery, there is a much higher likelihood of accidents.

4. Falling Debris

Work on a construction site often results in falling debris or building materials from higher levels which injure workers. Even a strong wind or a heavy truck driving past can cause materials to fall on workers.

When to Call a Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers specialize in helping individuals and their families who have been hurt or injured in an accident. Although workers compensation helps many people, you should still talk with a legal expert to understand your rights. An accident can impair your health or endanger your livelihood. There are often required treatments or rehabilitation, and costly medical bills. A construction accident attorney works on your behalf throughout any legal proceedings.

There are many construction site attorneys available to help you. Finding the right one is important. You can narrow down your choices by meeting with a few lawyers and asking questions about recent settlements, their education and the number of years they have been practicing law.

If you have been serious injured or if a family member was killed on a construction site, contact us today to discuss your situation and to see if we are the right lawyer for you.