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Brain Injury Lawyer Notes Permanent Injuries From Carbon Dioxide Inhalation

Brain Injury Lawyer Notes Permanent Injuries From Carbon Dioxide Inhalation

Four electricians that breathed pure carbon dioxide from a fire suppression system will have their case heard by a jury. All four have been diagnosed with permanent brain injuries following a 2012 incident on a dry-docked oil rig in Brownsville, Texas. The accident specifically occurred at the Keppel Amfels shipyard, on the Sam Noble oil rig. The shipyard is one of the defendants named in the civil lawsuit, and the drilling contractor is as well. The fire suppression company is also named as a defendant in the litigation.

CO2 Alarm Not Working

The workers were in the rig’s engine room when another crew from a fire suppression company triggered the release of carbon dioxide into the area. The suit alleges that certain stop valve procedures were ignored that would have saved the men from the serious brain injuries that they now live with.

Also, a subsequent review of inspection reports showed that the CO2 alarm in the engine room had not been working for over two years. The system apparently functions like traditional sprinkler systems that dispense water to put out fires, except that carbon dioxide is rapidly deployed instead.

Men Found Convulsing

It is believed that the men quickly lost consciousness when they breathed in the pure carbon dioxide. They were discovered an estimated 15 minutes later, convulsing and foaming at the mouth.

The litigation filed on the workers’ behalf states that one of the four is now disabled, while another one suffers from dementia. Both of those workers are no longer able to work. The suit also claims other problems, including personality disorders, insomnia and memory loss. Compensation is now sought to pay for the long-term medical care that the men will require.

Workers Get Jury Trial

A lawyer for the plaintiff’s has stated to the media that this case will serve as a warning to other companies that are allegedly lax in their safety procedures. The jury trial was scheduled to begin in late April in Cameron County (TX) District Court. The trial is expected to last a number of weeks.

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