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Bus Accident Lawyers Discuss Pre-Super Bowl Crash Involving Denver Broncos Players

Bus Accident Lawyers Discuss Pre-Super Bowl Crash Involving Denver Broncos Players

On Monday, February 1, three buses carrying the Denver Broncos football team were in a chain reaction crash. The players were on their way to their hotel after a Super Bowl practice at Stanford University Stadium.

Accident Details

A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol said buses were in a motorcade escorted by a CHP security detail when a Toyota Rav4 suddenly stopped in front of the vehicles. The accident happened in Sunnyville on southbound 101, north of Highway 237, at approximately 1:45 p.m. When the SUV appeared in front of the buses, the bus drivers hit their brakes, and the buses collided. One of them had enough windshield damage that a tow truck pulled it off the highway.

Injuries Reported

A CHP officer was knocked off his motorcycle in the collision, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Emergency personnel took him to an area hospital because of his minor injuries. Initial reports suggested that there were no injuries to Broncos players. However, a number of players complained of soreness and/or headaches the next day.

Although the circumstances of every bus accident are unique, injuries often occur due to the negligent conduct of a motorist. However, bus accident cases are often complex, so it is often helpful to speak with attorneys familiar with such accidents.

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