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Scaffolding Accident Lawyer Notes Collapse Of Scaffolding Under An Interstate

Scaffolding Accident Lawyer Notes Collapse Of Scaffolding Under An Interstate

A scaffolding collapse left three workers dangling a hundred feet in the air in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. During the afternoon of Feb. 10, the workers were involved in a project directly underneath a very busy overpass for Interstate 95. Below them was the New River and railroad tracks for the CSX Railroad.

Worker Hospitalized

Then, scaffolding that they were working on collapsed and dropped to the tracks and water below. As the scaffolding failed, a fourth worker was thrown onto some of the scaffolding debris. He was identified as a trauma alert and transported to the Broward Health Medical Center. Although he was believed to have sustained serious injuries, the worker was expected to survive.

Cables Apparently Snapped

One of the other three workers that was left hanging in the air by his harness said that four cables had been holding the scaffolding, with one at each corner. He said that he heard a “pop,” and it appeared that the cables were snapping. The worker described how, after the accident, he just wanted to get down to the ground.

At the same time, he said that he understood the need to be patient as rescuers worked to reach him and his co-workers. He ultimately got his wish about ninety minutes later when he was finally lowered to the ground. He said that all he wanted to do was go home and relax for awhile. However, that could not occur until he and the other two workers that had been hanging by their harnesses we’re also taken to medical center for observation. All three were subsequently released.

A Difficult Rescue

According to a first responder, the rescue operation was challenging not only because of how the workers were dangling in mid-air, but also because the traffic above was causing things to shake. He also said the an occasional horn blast from a train was disconcerting as well.

Construction workers are completely dependent upon the safety of the scaffolding that they are working on. Safety regulations and procedures are in place that seek to ensure that scaffolding accidents won’t happen. However, when they do, a scaffolding accident lawyer can assist an injured worker in getting the compensation that is appropriate for medical expenses, lost wages, possible rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, and other potential losses. For more information, or to discuss the details of your personal situation, please contact us.