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Scaffolding Debate Highlights Need for Construction Accident Lawyers

Scaffolding Debate Highlights Need for Construction Accident Lawyers

New York construction workers and their families may want to take note. State politicians are presently looking to reform a key law in a way that could negatively impact hard working New Yorkers. News about the proposed changes broke the weekend of June 16, 2013. Interestingly enough, it comes on the heels of previous reports about significant increases in NYC’s construction site accident statistics and lapses in safety measures.

According to the latest headlines, state legislators’ sights are set on reforming what is commonly referred to as the scaffolding law. Those familiar with the court system know it as NY Labor Law 240. It was originally designed to protect New York construction workers that must use staging or scaffolding to complete their job duties. Such protection is crucial because falls remain one of the chief causes of jobsite related deaths nationwide.

As it stands now, the law requires NY contractors to provide employees access to staging or scaffolding that meet specific standards. If the contractor fails to meet those standards, they are deemed responsible for their employees’ injuries in the event that the set-up fails. The proposed changes, if accepted, will proverbially muddy the waters. Thereby, allowing New York contractors to potentially minimize their liability in such instances.

Given the rising NY accident statistics and failure of contractors to adhere to existing safety guidelines, such changes could have deadly consequences. New Yorkers can rest assured that Frekhtman & Associates’ construction accident lawyers will be following the latest legal developments intently. We have made it our overriding mission to protect New Yorkers’ rights for years. As such, our construction accident lawyers are well versed in issues such as:

  • Improper rigging and faulty support cables
  • Scaffolding failure and work related falls
  • Falling debris and structural collapse
  • Hoisting accidents and runovers

Therefore, if you or a loved one is involved in a NY staging or scaffolding related accident, please contact us. We’ll examine the facts of your construction accident case at no cost and explain which legal remedies are available. Afterward, we’ll assist you in your pursuit of fair compensation.