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Trip and fall accident lawyer offers tips on what to do after an accident

Trip and fall accident lawyer offers tips on what to do after an accident

Trip and fall accident lawyers advise individuals to take several steps after being injured in a trip and fall accident. Much of this advice is standard for any accident scenario as well.

It may be obvious that you should always tell the truth, but should you volunteer information about what you were doing before you tripped and fell? No.

Some more tips from AllLaw, some common sense and some not, will give you a better idea of how to act after an injury accident:

  1. Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company. They may use real or apparent inconsistencies in the statement against you.
  2. Get prompt medical treatment. Refusing medical treatment on the scene and not going to the hospital undermines any injury claim.
  3. Don’t miss medical appointments. Making appointments and missing them raises questions about whether the fall was serious after all.
  4. Do fill out any paperwork as accurately as you can.
  5. Accurately explain what happened to your healthcare provider.
  6. Get contact information of any witnesses. They can testify to conditions where you tripped, which will be vital if there is security camera footage of the
  7. Request a copy of any video recording. A building security camera may have footage of the fall. If so, you should request a copy, in writing. Keep a copy of the letter.
  8. Take pictures as soon as possible. The business owner may correct the situation or clean up soon after your trip and fall accident, so the pictures could be a crucial to a subsequent suit.
  9. Report the accident to the business owner right away. And remember to stick with the facts.

If you tripped and injured yourself because of unsafe conditions at a business, you may be eligible for compensation. Please contact us to discuss your case.