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Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer Near You

Many companies rely on trucks, construction vehicles, and tractor-trailers to transport their goods across the country. The drivers of these vehicles are required to obtain special licenses and undergo extensive training to operate them legally. In addition, the trucking companies must adhere to specific guidelines regarding how heavy their vehicle may be.

Unfortunately, these trucks are sometimes overloaded in an attempt to increase profits and shorten transport bills. This dangerous practice makes the trucks unwieldy and can lead to an accident.

A Bronx truck accident lawyer represents people injured in a commercial vehicle accident. In the process, a savvy injury attorney can analyze not just the trucker’s driving but also their company’s practices to determine the best legal strategy for each case.

Legal Responsibilities of Commercial Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies in The Bronx

Like any other motorist, a truck driver has a duty to protect all other drivers on the road. This includes a duty to operate their vehicles safely and ensure that they are properly loaded and maintained. A lapse in any of these practices can lead to a catastrophic crash.

All people on the road, whether they are driving an eighteen-wheeler or a two-seat coupe, have a duty to protect all others on the road. They take on this duty from the moment they get behind the wheel, and it can generally never be negated or taken away. For this reason, any person injured in a collision—whether driver, passenger, or pedestrian—can claim that the driver violated their duty to protect them.

This is a key part of an accident claim and the main reason why they are almost always pursued utilizing the theory of negligence. If a truck accident attorney can prove that the driver violated a rule of the road by speeding or failing to yield, it is a strong indicator that the trucker was negligent in their duty to care for them.

Proving Negligence in a Bronx Truck Accident Case

The concept of negligence can also apply to actions taken before the truck even began driving. Whenever a truck is carrying cargo, it is required by law that the cargo is properly strapped down and secured to the trailer. A failure in this requirement can cause abrupt weight shifts that can unbalance the load, causing an accident.

It is the duty of the trucking company to ensure these actions are properly performed. Because of this, a truck company can often be named as a co-defendant in a truck accident case.

Common Damages in Bronx Truck Accident Cases

Any collision between a truck and a smaller vehicle can have devastating consequences for the people in the smaller car. At the very least, the smaller car can be pushed a great distance, and it is not uncommon for the car to be completely totaled. As such, the effect on the occupants can be extreme. Common truck accident injuries include:

All these injuries can potentially affect not just a person’s present state but also their future. They also all have the potential to be fatal. In the Bronx, truck accident lawyers often work with injured individuals to fully comprehend the effect of the accident on their lives. If someone passes away as a result of their injuries, their estate can bring a claim on their behalf.

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The truth is that truckers and their employers are just as responsible as all other motorists to pay damages after an at-fault accident. In light of that, a Bronx truck accident lawyer could work to protect you against aggressive insurance companies and fight for the full compensation that your injuries demand.

Filing a claim against a trucking company can be intimidating. People may think that because the truck was being operated by a corporation, their odds of success in a civil suit are lower. In the same vein, they may believe trucks do not have the same responsibilities on the road as everyone else. Call today to get started.