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Brooklyn Traumatic Brain Injury Damages

Traumatic brain injuries are serious injuries which could have long-term damages. Victims could experience painful symptoms as a result of this type of injury, such as dizziness, a concussion, and internal bleeding. Medical costs could also prove to be very expensive, making it much more important to follow up with a credible catastrophic injury attorney. A lawyer could help you calculate and assess the Brooklyn traumatic brain injury damages you may be entitled to.

How Does an Attorney Assess Damages in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

A catastrophic injury attorney develops an assessment of damages in a methodical manner to identify the number of damages. A lawyer begins with economic damages such as the lost wages and medical expenses. Pain and suffering are also calculated, but is dependent upon the lawyer’s ability to prove how the traumatic brain injury affects the victim’s life using friends and family as well as medical evidence.

The medical evidence shows the severity of the injuries. If the doctors assessed an injury as mild and not permanent, the amount of damages may be $200,000 to $500,000. If a lawyer can prove that the injury to their brain is permanent and they will never regain the kind of function they had before the accident, they may ask for a verdict of $2,000,000 to $4,000,000 or more.

Common Types of Damages Associated with Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Examples of damages can include medical expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, and lost wages. If the individual requires future medical needs and treatment, they could obtain future medical expenses through experts like an economist and medical professionals who can identify the required treatment and rehabilitation with associated costs. For assistance with calculating these damages, contact a knowledgeable traumatic brain injury attorney.

Collecting Damages that Could Last a Life-Time

A catastrophic injury attorney may be able to obtain Brooklyn traumatic brain injury damages that can take care of a victim for the rest of their life. That could be 50 years or longer depending on what the life expectancy tables show as the average. As an example, for a man is in his 30s, the life expectancy on the life expectancy table might be 78. That does not mean the person will live until 78; they could live for much longer. According to the life expectancy averages, they are supposed to live another 48 years if they are 30 years old.

How a Brooklyn Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer can Help

Sustaining a traumatic brain injury is never an easy injury to overcome. Victims must undergo medical treatment with the possibility of having to attend physical therapy. Over time, these damages become increasingly expensive. Do not wait until your medical costs pile up. A traumatic brain injury attorney can act as a legal representative before, during, and after trial. An attorney can walk you through the claims process as well as help you calculate the Brooklyn traumatic brain injury damages you should be awarded.