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Brooklyn Demolition Accident Lawyer

There is a serious shortage of space in Brooklyn, which makes demolition projects common. While most people imagine a wrecking ball when thinking about demolition, there are many types within construction. Workers may tear down a wall with a sledgehammer and knock out other structures. These aspects of demolition all have one thing in common, they can be very dangerous.

The injuries resulting from a demolition accident are often catastrophic. Workers can get injured by the amount of debris flying around during demolition. Those on the job site when a building is completely demolished while they are still in the area can be severely injured.

When anyone is injured by a demolition accident, they need a Brooklyn demolition accident lawyer to help. A detail-oriented injury attorney can thoroughly review the facts surrounding the injury to determine the best course of action.

Labor Law 241 and Demolition Accidents

When a worker is injured due to a demolition accident, they are protected under Labor Law 241. This law states that owners and general contractors of Brooklyn construction sites have a responsibility to ensure any work performed on that site is done in a safe manner. Demolition is specifically mentioned in this law that states the only way to avoid the serious hazards is strict adherence to and enforcement of safety standards.

In demolitions, there are a number of safety standards. Proper inspections must be done and the structure must be properly braced and shored. Operation nets, sidewalk sheds, and chutes should all be used to provide overhead protection.

When an owner or general contractor fails to put these safety measures in place, injured individuals have the right to claim compensation under the law.

Accidents Caused by Third Parties in Brooklyn

The demolition of any structure requires a great number of workers in many different fields of construction. The worker demolishing a wall may not be employed by the same company as the worker on the other side of the wall trying to remove a counter. If the demolisher was using a sledgehammer and hit the worker removing the counter, that could be considered an accident with a third party.

When a third party has caused an accident resulting in injuries, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed against them. A lawsuit can provide compensation to the injured individual to help them recover.

However, these lawsuits are not always easy to file or win. If the worker demolishing the wall was not properly trained, their employer may also be responsible. That would be a valid third-party lawsuit, as the employer is only covered for their own employees under worker’s compensation.

Determining whether the worker or the employer is responsible requires an investigation into both. A demolition accident lawyer in Brooklyn can perform these investigations and fight for an injured worker’s rights throughout the entire process.

Choose a Brooklyn Demolition Accident Attorney with Experience

Demolition accident cases present their own challenges. An attorney needs to understand the complexities of both construction law and personal injury law in order to ensure the best resolution in the case.

If you have been injured in a demolition accident on a job site, call a Brooklyn demolition accident lawyer today. They can help you get compensation for past and future medical bills, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. All you have to do is focus on your recovery.