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Nursing Home Abuse

NY Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Discuss Current Crises: Untreated Bedsores & Questionable Evictions

Too many older Americans struggle daily with poorly trained nursing home employees who are often in short supply explains Arkady Frekhtman, one of the NY nursing home abuse lawyers at the F&A injury law firm. These substandard patient-staff ratios often lead to seniors suffering from excessive falls and untreated bedsores (pressure ulcers). Arguably even more alarming are the growing number of nursing homes that are now trying to evict patients they no longer consider to be adequately profitable. Fortunately, ongoing investigations in many states are now shining a light on these problems. The New York Times is among the more responsible...

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NYC Elder Abuse Lawyers Discuss Warning Signs of New York Elder & Nursing Home Abuse

The most obvious signs of elder abuse often include facial and bodily bruises, broken or fractured bones, bedsores, and malnutrition. However, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) provides a far more comprehensive definition of “elder abuse” on its website. In general, all grossly disrespectful, negligent and thoughtless treatment of the elderly is abusive. The NCOA also notes that all forms of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of older Americans is inexcusable and forbidden. In addition to those who work for or run nursing homes and eldercare centers – the most likely perpetrators of elder abuse are often people’s own relatives or...

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Untreated Bedsores: Frequent Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Far too often, older Americans living in nursing homes must fight hard to obtain quality care for their chronic conditions. Many of them are also battling poorly treated diabetes, auto-immune diseases – and even different cancers. What’s even worse is that our American healthcare system often adds insult to injury – when nursing home employees fail to provide daily care needs like regularly helping patients shift positions in their beds so they can avoid developing painful bedsores. In hospital settings, failing to help disabled or immobile patients routinely change bodily positions to avoid creating serious pressure sores can give rise to...

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New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Discusses Facility Negligence and Elder Abuse

Once a parent, spouse or other loved one requires the added care a competent nursing home can provide, you’ll have to carefully review all your options explains a New York nursing home abuse lawyer at the F&A injury law firm. You’ll need a facility that places a strong emphasis on safety, refuses to tolerate any abuse – and provides a proper medical staff-to-patient ratio. Since most nursing homes are run for profit, it can be hard to find a place that runs so efficiently that most of its new residents choose it due to its positive reputation in the community. Before...

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Nursing Home Abuse Case resolved by Frekhtman & Associates

An elderly man who was a patient in a nursing home in Brooklyn, New York filed a lawsuit against the nursing home for failing to properly treat and care for him.  Due to the nursing home's negligence, the man sustained serious bed sores also known as decubitis ulcers. He needed surgery to debride the bed sores.  The New York medical malpractice lawyers at Frekhtman & Associates filed a lawsuit against the nursing home and settled the case while awaiting trial. The case was resolved for $325,000.00. New York's Public Health Law 2801(d) allows a private cause of action against a...

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