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EP05 S02: Compensation For A Broken Bone Injury In A Vehicle Accident

EP05 S02: Compensation For A Broken Bone Injury In A Vehicle Accident

Trial Stories Podcast

If you suffered a broken bone injury in a vehicle accident, here’s what you need to know about seeking justice and compensation along with examples of cases.

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 Full Transcript:

Welcome to Trial Stories an informative discussion of civil justice with a focus on the human story. I’m your host. Arkady Frekhtman a New York City trial lawyer passionate about helping serious injury victims and their families.

What is a fracture case worth in New York City? Well, a fracture case could be worth a million dollars or more. It really depends on the type of fracture.

Now, a simple fracture, if someone has a fractured leg or a fractured arm and they don’t need surgery, that’s probably worth from 50 to $100,000. It could be worth much more than that.

But if you’ve suffered a serious fracture where you need surgery, such as open reduction internal fixation, that case is probably going to be worth much more. That case is going to be worth in the hundreds of thousands or even into the millions. And if the fracture has debilitated you to the point where you need a total knee replacement, a total shoulder replacement, a total hip replacement, then the case is definitely going to be worth a million dollars or more.

Now, all of this is, of course, just taking into account the injury, the fracture. There are other factors such as the liability, how the accident happened, the insurance limits, how much insurance is out there.

Looking at it as just from the injury perspective, a fracture is a serious type of injury. And a fracture can happen in a car accident, in a slip and fall on a construction site, in a bus or truck accident, in a motorcycle accident, and in many other types of accidents.

And some examples of cases we’ve seen have been a fracture of the ankle requiring open reduction internal fixation. We had a bilateral ankle fracture case recently that was settled for $1.4 million. Other types of cases include a fracture of the patella in the knee, that requires a total knee replacement. And that case was settled for over a million dollars.

So it really depends on the type of injury, the type of fracture, the type of medical treatment, the diagnosis and the prognosis, but we always strive to develop and build the cases to get the absolute maximum compensation possible under the law.

Keep in mind that even if you have a million-dollar fracture case, the insurance company is not just going to pay out a million dollars.

You need a law firm that isn’t afraid to fight, to go toe to toe with the insurance companies, whether they’re insuring the apartment building, the truck, the vehicle that hit you, or anyone else, to go toe to toe with them, to go to war with them, to get all of the discovery that they don’t want to give you, to force them to give you all the documents to prove that they were liable, that they were at-fault, to hold them accountable.

And then, to show them your injury by having experts, orthopedists, neurologists, all of the specialists to develop and prove your injury and your damages, so that we can recover the absolute maximum allowable under the law.

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Okay. I hope this has been helpful. Please drop us a comment, subscribe to our podcast, let us know what other topics you’d like to hear about. We have a lot of trial stories from all types of cases, construction, work accidents, slip and falls, premises, ceiling collapses. We have brain injuries. We have spinal cord injuries. Medical cases with medical mistakes. All types of cases. So whatever you’re most interested in is what we’re going to talk about.

Have a great day, everyone. Bye-bye.