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NYC Bike Crash Lawyers Discuss Cyclist-Pedestrian Accidents

Although less frequent and usually much less severe than cyclist-motor vehicle accidents, collisions between cyclists and pedestrians do also occur explains an attorney at the F&A injury law firm, NYC bike crash lawyers. A recent study found that “in New York State alone, there were approximately 1000 pedestrians struck by cyclists each year necessitating medical treatment at a hospital.” On rare occasions, these accidents can even be fatal. Both cyclists and pedestrians have a duty to look out for each other and act with reasonable care, and either party may be at fault in an accident between them. Cyclists must follow...

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Bicycle Accident Lawyers Discuss Tragic Brooklyn Crash

A Brooklyn crash where 12th Street meets Avenue P led to a loss of life. According to police, the crash occurred just before 10 p.m. on Monday, May 9. Accident Details A black Infiniti on East 12th Street reportedly had a green light as it approached the intersection. However, a westbound silver Honda Accord allegedly ran a red light on Avenue P, and it struck the Infiniti. The vehicles then careened into a bicyclist, pinning the individual against two parked vehicles. A surveillance video included footage of the bicyclist attempting to cross the street just moments before the crash. The bicyclist was rushed...

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Bicycle Accident Lawyers discuss Dooring: A Small Mistake Can Result in a Big Bicycle Accident

  According to data from the League of American Bicyclists, the number of people commuting by bicycle increased by 62% between 2000 and 2014. Unfortunately, not all motorists are accustomed to watching for cyclists; a motorist's lack of awareness can sometimes cause severe injury or even death. One way that inattentive motorists can injure bicyclists is by opening their door into the path of a bike. Opening a car door into the path of a bike is known as "dooring". According to a study published by the City of Chicago, dooring causes more than 7% of bicycle-related accidents. When dooring incidents take...

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